Kwik-Fit fitter to lose driving license for having bald tyres

New driver expected to be handed six points and issued hefty fine

Kwik-Fit fitter to lose driving license for having bald tyres

A Kwik-Fit tyre fitter is to appear in court to answer charges of driving with two dangerous tyres on his own car after being stopped by Devon and Cornwall Police.

Officers said they stopped a young driver and questioned him about two ‘unhealthy’ looking bald tyres on his vehicle.

The man admitted his tyres were ‘f****d’ and when asked what he did for a living he replied “Tyre fitter at Kwik-Fit.”

The driver has been summoned to appear before court and, as he has only recently passed his test, he stands to lose his licence.

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    Mohammed Ajaib

    Police can exaggerate to achieve a conviction the wording does not convince me that the tyres were that worn, however they are riding on the young man’s reply when booked.i was taken to court for allegedly speeding,I proved the officer statement was a lie to get the charge brought to court! But these kangaroo courts also dish white privilege so my first name being mohammed meant I was f….d! from the start,Dirty but true!Fir the charge to go past CPS to court police LIE a lot! Evidenced in my experience!

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    ♪♪ you cant get thicker than a Thick Sh*t fitter ♪♪

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    Ken Ashton

    I remember being shown 2 tyres at my MOT testers course , neither of which I would have driven on ! However one was a “pass” and the other a “fail” . It would be very interesting to see the tyres in this case . I suspect the police’s version of the tyre laws is not always in line with the “spec” laid down in the MOT testers manual . It is quite noticeable how “bad” a tyre can look yet still be legal !

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    ken the mot standards regarding tyres are minimal, if you look into the traffic law and vehicle construction and use its a lot more in-depth and some “mot passable” tyres can be deemed illegal in the legislation.
    regarding the story he’s young and dumb. now he needs to get dependants who will suffer as a result of him losing his license to stand any chance of keeping it, dependant on the physical and photographical evidence given by the cps and d&c police

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    Peter Miles

    Mohammed makes a good point above, though I’m sorry to hear about his other experiences. Lying from the police is inexcusable.
    The police seem to take a very different attitude towards tyre wear than the MOT does. For instance I can quite legitimately pass (with an advisory!) a tyre totally bald on both outer edges. But the police don’t seem to see it that way and, frankly, in a lot cases I think their attitude makes more sense! I assume that if it goes to court the tyres in question can be produced as evidence or is it too late for that now?

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    What a twat need I say any more ????

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    The drivers fault at the end of the day.
    Don’t give me all this about police lying etc,..
    the driver even admitted they’d had it… let’s face it, in his job, he should know !!!
    End of.

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    Andrew MacCredie

    Not wishing to defend Kwik fit in any way, but i’m not sure that where he works has any bearing on the matter. If it was any other garage it would not have its name plastered all over the article, quite rightly in my opinion.

    The bloke is still an idiot for driving on bald tyres and deserves his points!

    The MOT regulation is copied direct from the construction and use regulations so it is the same inspection as prescribed in both pieces of legislation, and is of course defendable in court as is any other action.

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