Six-month MOT extension to remain until tests can be “conducted safely”

Transport Secretary responds to calls to end extension and suggests a new “robust system” was needed

Six-month MOT extension to remain until tests can be “conducted safely”
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The six-month MOT extension will not be lifted until tests can be “conducted safely” with the “lowest possible risk” to the health of motorists and staff, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has said.

MOT test suspensions are being reviewed by the government and industry stakeholders but the current extension will not be lifted until it is safe, it’s been revealed.

In a letter to the Independent Garage Association (IGA), the Transport Secretary revealed that the DVSA is continuing to work with testers to develop guidance for a safe return.

He said members of the public and testers needed to feel safe when conducting an MOT exam with social distancing measures likely to be introduced.

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The letter said: “My officials are engaged in regular discussions with industry stakeholders, yourself included, to discuss the resumption of testing.

“We need to ensure that an MOT can be conducted safely with the lowest possible risk to people’s health, this includes both MOT staff and those going in for tests.

“The DVSA has published guidance on conducting tests while adhering to social distancing measures, and they continue to work with testers to develop best practice guidance for these circumstances.

“The public need to feel safe going in for an MOT test, and those doing the testing need to feel safe.”

As part of lifting the current MOT extensions, Mr Shapps has hinted the government could introduce a policy making provisions for those who may be unable to attend a garage.

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Mr Shapps said a “robust system,” was needed for those who are in isolation so that they were not penalised for not attending.

The letter added: “When testing is reintroduced, it needs to be done when there is sufficient capacity, not only immediately, but also when those vehicles that have been excluded become due for testing.”

The six-month MOT exetension came into effect on 30 March with any cars due a test after this date receiving an automatic extension.

Despite the MOT suspension, the DVSA has made it clear that motorists must ensure their vehicle remains in road legal condition at all times.

Police officers can still fine motorists up to £2,500 for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

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With the government now encouraging the public to go back to work and avoid using public transport where possible, the IGA wrote to the Secretary of State for Transport last month urging him to end the six-month MOT extension.

Stuart James, chief executive of the IGA warns “millions of faults” will be left “unrectified” if the full extension went ahead.

The IGA states that 580,000 vehicles will have illegal tyres today, which will rise by another 290,000 by the end of the MOT extension.

Stuart said: “Small defects that would have been found in the MOT test will worsen, not only leading to an increase in the number of dangerous cars on the road, but an increase in future repair costs for vehicle owners too.”

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The IGA has launched a COVID-19 compliance certification scheme for garages wishing to demonstrate to their customers that the environment is safe.

The scheme, based on the government’s safe working guidelines to prevent coronavirus transmission, will underpin the IGA’s case to overturn the six-month MOT extension by providing evidence that garages are safe places for consumers to visit.

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    The six-month MOT extension will not be lifted until tests can be “conducted safely” with the “lowest possible risk” to the health of motorists and st
    [See the full post at: Six-month MOT extension to remain until tests can be “conducted safely”]

    #196261 Reply
    graham cutler

    we have performed tests safely and securly and even go out and collect the customers cars the transport secretary must look at ending this extention for the safety of the drivers ,passengers and other road users as quickly as possible as it also affects the financial position of many independent garages ,he never thought of giving free road tax for 6 months did he ??? thankyou graham cutler cuts tyres and exhausts near saltburn

    #196262 Reply
    Vikki Bray

    We have been carrying out MOTs safely throughout the lockdown. We adhered to social distancing easily by collecting our customers car without face to face contact, wearing gloves and masks while working on the cars and cleaning the areas we had touched before returning them. The bigger risk to the motorist is a car that has not been looked after and is in in bad condition

    #196311 Reply

    If dental practices can reopen from the 8th of June. Surely we can carry out an MOT.
    We also have been testing during the lock down, but at only 20% of our normal tests. The same as many other stations. With far better distancing measures in place, than any supermarket I have visited during the lock down. We do not allow any customers in to the work shop, take keys from a drop box and have an electronic payment system.
    We are also aloud to carry out repairs. Can Grant Shapps explain the difference, between a car repair, that we are aloud to carry out and an MOT that we are not?
    Grant Shapps, as far as I can see, has not one bit of experience in the motor trade. So how he is aloud to just stop MOT testing and expect safe vehicles, on our roads, is beyond me.
    20,000 odd MOT stations need to get back to work and more importantly the general public need to be driving a safe vehicle.

    #196312 Reply

    “motorists must ensure their vehicle remains in road legal condition at all times”
    The easiest way to check if the vehicle is in a road legal condition is to have a Mot test carried out.

    #196367 Reply

    So we can repair cars but can’t do an MOT how does that work??? Totally unacceptable!

    #196368 Reply
    Belinda Teasdale

    With car show rooms now allowed to reopen and MOT testing stations open the 6 month extension should be revoked.

    #196376 Reply
    Evan Humphreys

    I’ve got Social distance marking measures in place, Perspex reception cover in place, workshop barriers in place to stop unauthorised person’s in the workshop. I Put on gloves, mask. Sanitize keys and door handles, then completely inside of vehicle, close doors to allow to dry. Place seat cover, also steering wheel, gear stick, handbrake covers if required. Carry out test. it’s not rocket science, and mot’s can be done safely and vehicle is returned safely to the customer.

    #196377 Reply
    Thomaz Kaplinskii

    We are definitely not carrying out safe mot testing where i work. We have no social distancing measures in place, we use nothing to clean the internal vehicle doors or steering wheels, we do not wear face masks, all we have is rubber gloves and are asked to use sparingly. Where I work it is not safe for our customers or staff.

    #196420 Reply

    The people making money out of the lock down MOT testing are bound to say its safe.
    But its the testers that are putting them selves, there families, and the ones having the test done at risk,
    Personally I’m given a pair of gloves, steering wheel and seat cover and allowed 5 minutes for the car to air before testing(which is rare we get the 5 minutes), which anyone would agree is not enough! ATM I’m testing between 6 to 10 cars a day.
    So think about it, if I was to contract covid-19 from one clients car say by disturbing the spores from checking say the seat belt Monday morning on the first test, that’s between 36 and 60 cars I’ve then got into by the end of my working week, that’s between 36 and 60 people in one week I could have potentially infected with covid-19 let alone the fear of taking this disease home to my family…..
    This is why I have trouble sleeping at night, these stupid people most of which there car is not even due a MOT test need a good slap! its bad enough the big bosses see us as disposable even worse that the slapable public think so to!!!

    #196613 Reply
    andrew MICHAEL carter

    I could, reluctantly see the logic at the beginning, road safety vs viral contagion, but accepting the decision was correct, and watching our business collapse meant I was keen to see this 6 month extension ‘plan’ ended as quickly as was safely possible. What has become clear is that the motor trade has no effective voice in government, and the people in charge of us in government clearly all cycle to work. I can buy flat pack furniture from Ikea, I can go to the Lake district for a stroll, I can protest check to cheek with my brothers in opinion, but I don’t need an MOT on my car to drive to any of these? The traffic for my commute to our tumble weed workshop is now as slow as ever, probably a bit worse, as the public have been advised to avoid tubes, buses and trains so are resorting to travelling by car, AND STILL NO NEED FOR THE CAR TO BE CHECKED FOR SAFETY? How can this now continue? Who is in charge of channelling the garage industry’s cry for help? Stop this ridiculous pseudo ‘health’ policy today. See it for what it is; another targeted attack on the world of motoring. Congestion charging started, and has been increased, parking ticketing has resumed, there was no 6 month exemption from paying road tax, and who cares if a few independent MOT testing stations fail? Wake up my fellow garage owners, we are being throttled, and no one is defending us. MTGM

    #196637 Reply
    Richard Fraser

    We had a skeleton staff to cover for key workers… not just NHS and kept several people on the road to carry out essential work. I sent out Mot reminders for my customers with a covering letter explaining that if testing was indeed recommenced that around November and December it will be chaotic, thinking customers have taken my advise and we are virtually fully operational now. Staff and customers have rules and policy in place and it’s working well. Do not understand why this is not possible in most testing stations…. in our area we have lost 3 stations and we were under pressure prior to them closing so testing needs to be up and running. What better way to show your car is roadworthy than having an MOT. I understood the need for the extension and also it’s being extended week on week so this surely gives DVSA the reaction tome as and when they deem it’s safe. If testing is not being carried out in a safe environment then refuse to test. Owners have a duty of care and the guy having sleepless nights must speak out, my lads have input into all our steps to safeguard themselves and the public. We all feel safe at work.

    #196646 Reply

    Mr Shapps says “we need the capacity to carry out the test’s now and in the future” If half the MOT stations in the country go down the pan. due to no work and then the back log. We will not have the capacity.
    The sooner the extension is lifted, the smaller the problem of having the capacity, to carry out the test’s. We need this lifted now.
    Feelings within the trade are obviously high and most are not very happy with how this is being dealt with.
    We do need a voice and the lack of any help or advise from those in charge at the DVSA is pitiful.
    For those of you who do not feel safe at work don’t go. You have rights. But do not moan about it and still go in.

    #196648 Reply
    Stephen Sandow

    We have continued testing throughout the lockdown. To ensure safety to our customers and testers we have introduced strict cleaning protocols both before and after the test and no one, other than employees are allowed in the workshop or office.

    As the majority of my fellow garage proprietors have said in this string. Why are places like dental surgeries allowed to open, with controls, whilst MOTs are still not allowed to be done when controls are in place. It would appear that the powers that be are not concerned with ensuring that vehicles are safe on the road and therefore, road users, including the cycling fraternity are safe. I wonder what is going to happen when someone is critically injured due to an unsafe vehicles.

    It must be acknowledged that very few people not in the trade, would know what to check on a car to ensure it is safe. I wonder if the powers that be do. Hang on, most of them will be chauffeur driven in pool cars. Need I say more.

    #196650 Reply
    M Roberson

    We have been carrying out MOT’s safey like others no contact drop off & collection, The goverment think it is more important to let pubs open before Mot’s !!! but of course there is no Vat on Mot’s so no revenue for goverment. If you can use your car to go shopping weekly an Mot is yearly come on its time to cancel exception.

    #196651 Reply

    This really shows how little we are represented in parliament, and how little the government knows about our industry.
    Exactly who is representing the industry, and putting forward valid questions and arguments?
    To the guy complaining about lack of PPE and spreading the virus, we have already discussed how ineffective PPE is (even though we still use it), as you can wear and use all the precautionary products in the world, but as soon as you touch your face, it goes out the window. Plus, i’m not sure if corona is capable of distinguishing whether it is in Tesco’s, a garage or on the beach.
    We have been ignored, just the same way as when we asked for a rise and fixing of the price, and the same when we asked for the industry to be regulated.

    #197085 Reply

    Come on Mr Shapps
    Non essential shops are now open. Put an end to the MOT extension now. If it’s safe to go shoe shopping. It’s safe to carry out an MOT. Arguably safer, than being in an unsafe vehicle, that would of failed its MOT had it not been for the exemption.
    MOT stations are part of the economy as well. We need to get back to work.

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