New garage “risk ratings” to be launched this autumn – here’s what we know so far

DVSA prepares for roll-out of its new site assessment which aims to improve MOT quality and catch more fraudsters

New garage “risk ratings” to be launched this autumn – here’s what we know so far
The garage owner was completely unaware of the fraudulent certificates being issues.

The DVSA has released more details about its new MOT risk rating system which is set to be introduced this autumn. 

Garages will be awarded either a red, amber or green rating based on analysis of tester data and the results of an improved site assessment

The new site assessment will focus more on compliance and the test itself, with DVSA examiners carrying out more checks on recently tested vehicles, while a ‘site review’ will involve a shorter check on systems and processes in the garage.

Site assessment

The site review will examine basic compliance, management control and quality control, premises and equipment, training and skills – these will be marked as either satisfactory, improvement needed or unsatisfactory.

Writing on the Matters of Testing blog, head of MOT policy at DVSA, Neil Barlow said: “The site review outcome will combine the result of the vehicle re-inspection, previous disciplinary history of the testers and the authorised examiner and data captured from the testing service.

“This will then be displayed on the MOT testing service as a rating of red, amber or green.

“You’ll be able to view the outcome of the site review of the testing service and see the areas where improvement might be needed.”

Testers are also to get a risk rating based on data from the testing service and disciplinary history.

Testers will be able to see their rating in their profile but it will not be displayed to site managers or authorised examiners, although some authorised examiners may ask prospective employees to share it.

MOT fraud

The DVSA hopes the new MOT risk rating system will further improve MOT quality and catch more MOT fraudsters.

While the majority of test stations back efforts to reduce testing fraud, some fear the DVSA’s proposals don’t go far enough.

Writing on the GW forum after the DVSA first announced news of a new risk rating system, Robert Moore said: “It’s all very well intended but it’s not all black and white.

“Not all cars are the same and not all circumstances same.

“I’m worried this could get people who know there stuff but just aren’t very IT literate and lead to them being penalised for their paperwork and not the quality of the mot.

“We always get punished for that one car and there’s no credit for the thousands that were done correctly.”

Do you think the DVSA’s new MOT risk rating is a step in the right direction? Share your comments and experiences below.

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    The current rating system is unfair. We have always felt this way and I for one have given up trying to meet the standards currently required. Let’s hope the new system will be based on actual testing standards and not maybes and what ifs.

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