Video: not so Smart car driver sets vehicle ablaze by putting petrol in wrong hole

Woman trapped inside vehicle after she accidentally filled the interior of her car with petrol

Video: not so Smart car driver sets vehicle ablaze by putting petrol in wrong hole
The driver mistakenly poured fuel into her car's interior through a detachable cap on the other side of the car - not the actual fuel filler cap.

A mother-of-two’s Smart car ignited as soon as she turned the ignition key after she mistakenly poured petrol into the interior of her car instead of the tank, The Telegraph has reported.

The 54-year-old had removed a detachable cap on the wrong side of the car, mistaking it for the filler cap, and inserted the pump nozzle into the wrong hole.

The car instantly exploded with the driver inside as she went to start the engine.

Julie Nicklin was pulled out of the burning car by a another motorist who had heard the explosion.


Brian Turner said: “All you could see inside the car was flames – it felt like it lasted forever but it was literally seconds.

“As soon as I opened the door it went bang again and burned my arms, hands and neck.

“She is only a small lady and had the seat right up against the steering wheel so I had to drag her out.

“I finally got her out and was running and dragging her along with me – then we heard another explosion when were about ten feet away.

“The petrol pump nozzle had ignited.”

The pair were taken escaped without major injury.

Brian added: “It’s funny because people keep saying I’m a hero but I just did it – I didn’t think about it.

“I’m just glad I was able to help her.”

“He saved my life”

Julie said: “Everyone else had run away and I couldn’t get out of the car – he saved my life.

“I couldn’t get out because I had parked so close to the pump.

“I’m just so embarrassed.

“There is another cap on the other side of the car which looks just like a petrol cap – something didn’t feel right as was using it.”

Emergency services isolated the fuel supply and closed surrounding roads.

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