Parking warden slaps parking tickets on cars left stranded in snow

Man claims cars were issued with tickets after being abandoned following heavy snowfall

Parking warden slaps parking tickets on cars left stranded in snow

A driver has told Medway Council to ‘hang their heads in shame’ after he claimed to have spotted a parking warden issuing tickets to cars which were abandoned due to snow.

Matt Negus took to Facebook to show his disbelief after he saw the warden issuing tickets in Chatham, North Kent.

After the alleged incident ,Mr Negus told Medway Council to ‘hang their heads in shame’ in a Facebook post.

Parking wardens have been reportedly targeting cars just 1.8 miles from Walderslade Wood Road.

Kent County Council has told drivers with abandoned cars in that stretch to avoid the area due to the ever present danger of more trees falling.

In his Facebook post, Mr Negus said: “Medway Council hold your heads in shame.

“I have just witnessed a traffic warden on Castle Road ticketing abandoned cars due to the heavy and dangerous conditions when clearly if you had the gritters out early enough they may have got home.”

Medway Council has not yet responded to this claim, but it did today say it was aware of abandoned vehicles.

A post on its own Facebook page said: “We’re aware that a number of motorists abandoned their vehicles last night due to the severe weather conditions.

“Our parking enforcement officers are mindful of this and will not be issuing fixed penalty notices to vehicles which have been obviously abandoned, such as where double yellow lines cannot be seen.”

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