Sonne increases refinish offering

The accident repair and refinish industry is growing, causing uncertainty for some, but creating opportunity for others.

Sonne increases refinish offering
Paul Tredgold, head of paint division at Sonne.

HELLA’s paint brand, Sonne, is rewarding the business owners who have embraced a different model for the market by creating a network of independent distributors that are focused on the ‘free to choose’ accident and refinish markets – creating value for their customers while safeguarding their own future.

Sonne is dedicated to providing high quality, compliant coatings, maximising value for everyone and focusing on the perfect finish and committed to expanding its range, which is why it has recently introduced an anti-scratch clearcoat, fade out thinner, accelerated thinner.

In addition to these exciting new products, Sonne has introduced more tin sizes in response to customer requests, which will be for Sonne’s most popular hardeners and thinners, making the range more user friendly and assists in cutting costs to the bodyshop.

Head of Paint Division, Paul Tredgold, said: “Since our launch last year, we’ve been increasingly busy as we’ve had such a great response from the industry, which is why we’ve had to expand our portfolio.”

He added “Each product is made from the highest quality material and continues to provide an excellent value benefit for the distributor and bodyshop end user.”

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