Technician spends eight hours on “worst job” ever seen

Paul Turner, a mobile injector and glow plug removal specialist, left the owner “amazed”

Technician spends eight hours on “worst job” ever seen
Paul specialises in injector and glow plug removal for "anything with a diesel engine".

Paul Turner of UK Injector and Glow Plug Removal, spent eight hours fixing a sixty plate Renault Trafic in Bishop Auckland with the worst case of corrosion he had experienced in three and a half years.

Paul, who travels nationwide completing jobs on “anything with a diesel engine”, was shocked to discover that one of the new style injectors had corroded to the point that fuel was leaking out of it.

“When the engine was turned off the injector was sucking water back in through the corrosion,” he commented.

“All four clamp bolt heads had corroded to nothing, so what was left of them needed cut off.

“All four injectors and the clamp bolts required drilling out, which was all done successfully.”

Speaking to GW, Paul explained that as he works on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis he would not have charged the customer if he had been unable to complete the job.

“I started doing this to save people money.”

“One of the companies I got out to remove an injector took us for more than the job should’ve cost, I thought I could provide a fairer service to customers than my competitors.”

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