Cost of MOT/servicing concerning a third of drivers

A quarter of the drivers surveyed say they might be unable to afford the cost of running a car

Cost of MOT/servicing concerning a third of drivers
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The cost of servicing and the MOT test are two of the biggest concerns for drivers over the coming year.

This is according to new research conducted by Close Brothers Motor Finance.

It found that over half (53 percent) of the 2,000 drivers it surveyed say the rising cost of petrol and diesel is the biggest concern, followed by car insurance (52 percent) and MOT/servicing (37 percent).

Around a quarter (26 percent) of drivers are worried about being unable to afford the cost of running a car. One in four (39 percent) have been forced to cut back on how often they drive their car.

Biggest concerns

  1. Rising cost of fuel: 53 percent
  2. Car insurance hikes: 52 percent
  3. MOT/servicing costs: 37 percent
  4. Cost of buying a new car: 30 percent
  5. Hike in cost of VED (road tax): 30 percent
  6. Unable to afford running costs: 26 percent
  7. Crackdowns on petrol/diesel cars: 22 percent
  8. Rise in cost of parking: 20 percent
  9. High cost of used cars: 19 percent
  10. Introduction of ULEZ or similar: 16 percent
  11. Lack of infrastructure, such as charging points: 14 percent
  12. Picking the wrong car: 11 percent
  13. Delays in car production: 5 percent
  14. Sharing a vehicle with someone else: 5 percent

Lisa Watson, director of sales at Close Brothers Motor Finance, said: “The ongoing hike at the pumps will add further pressure to drivers who already feel they’re faced with increased costs from all lanes, making car ownership difficult to afford.

“Consumers all over the country are looking at ways to tackle rising costs. With day to day living costs soaring, high interest rates, and the increasing prices at petrol pumps – many are now having to explore other measures to stretch their finances further – including charging loved ones for fuel when giving them a lift.”


  1. Just part of the plan. Government is being influenced from elsewhere and part of the plan is to make car ownership and running unaffordable for the average owner/driver. Nobody wants electric vehicles and the Government isn’t listening so the market will play its part regarding them. Labour soon God help the motorist then!! The supposed party of the working man and woman will drive the final nail into the coffin and mass motoring will become unaffordable!! Buckle up everyone it’s going to be a bumpy ride!!!

  2. I am not sure why the costs of an MOT are concerning, in real terms the cost of the MOT has fallen over time as we have seen no increase in the price for nearly 15 years.

    The cost of servicing and repairs has gone up but only to bring it more in line with other services that consumers are paying for. Try getting someone out to repair your washing machine or a plumber or electrician?

    The motor industry is a profession and its employees deserve to be treated as professionals. The average mechanic spends a minimum of three years training just to get on the first rung of the ladder then every year they have to attend further training just to maintain competence and prevent skill fade.

  3. We are finding that cost of parts from dealers are making repairs unrealistic for many customers. Renault recently charged our customer £144 plus vat for 4 injector seals!!!!


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