Polybush offers a range of solutions for classic cars

The company has been manufacturing polyurethane bushes for four decades

Polybush offers a range of solutions for classic cars

Polybush has been manufacturing in the UK for over 40 years, so it’s well placed to offer a wide range of products for classic cars.

Customers who keep their cars in their garage for long periods will be aware that rubber bushes suffer from compression set and will deform and degrade. This affects the car’s alignment, wearing tyres and affecting braking and turn-in.

Polybush bushes do not suffer with compression set like rubber, so there is no sagging and no deformation, just a bang-on alignment.

Your customer’s car will remain comfortable and trouble-free for years, and as Polybush bushes resist deformation, they’re also immune to oil and fuel leaks, making them the perfect companion for classic cars.

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