Watch: Laser Tools launches weekly tool review videos

New video series to showcase workshop tool range

Watch: Laser Tools launches weekly tool review videos

Laser Tools, with its associated brands, has launched a new weekly video series to highlight its range of tools amid the current lockdown restrictions which mean its Laser Tools ‘tech vans’ are unable to visit garages.

In the latest episode, Paul ‘Shep’ Shepherd talks through the latest workshop tools.

A Laser Tools spokesperson said: “The new range of digital torque wrenches, is designed for the professional user when a high degree of accuracy is required.

“As well as measuring torque applied, these wrenches also measure the angle turned.

“This is necessary for example when tightening stretch-bolts, where the manufacturer’s tightening instructions require the fastener to be tightened to a specified torque setting, then further rotating the fastener through a specified angle. “

Meanwhile, the ‘scarab’ quick connector fuel line disconnect tool is a very compact fuel line disconnector that offers one-handed operation and is ideal in tight, confined spaces.

A useful tool from Power-TEC is the 91164 track-rod coupler.

If a vehicle is accident damaged and the steering track rod is broken, then simply fit the coupler to both broken ends, tighten it up and steering is restored, allowing the vehicle to be moved onto a recovery trailer or into the workshop for repairs.

The Laser 7863 is a multi-head ratchet ring spanner set that also combines an offset lockable ratchet handle that can be moved through 180 degrees.

For further information about Laser Tools, select ‘more details’ below.

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