Woman “tricked” into selling car to man who advertised it for three times more hour later

New owner claims to have repaired vehicle before selling it on for substantially more

Woman “tricked” into selling car to man who advertised it for three times more hour later
The new owner put the car up for sale on Facebook just an hour later after buying it.

A woman has claimed that was tricked into selling her Audi TT Quattro 3.2 to a man for less than half the asking price – only to find that the new owner advertised it for sale at more than three times the amount an hour later.

Sarah Hutchinson had originally posted her car online with the price of £2,500 but was pressured into selling it for just £1,100.

She was later shocked to see Mark listed the car on his Facebook page with an asking price of £3,850.

Mark McCallum, who told her he needed the car for weekends with his young daughter, then bombarded her with messages detailing the repairs the vehicle would need, claiming he would have to save up for them and also pay for a spare key.

“Sob story”

Sarah said: “He spun a sob story and didn’t make it clear.

“I [would have] had no issue with what he was going to do with it afterwards – it’s the fact he was so untruthful.

“He said ‘I need a car for the weekend – I’ve got a daughter, we’ve moved house, we really need a car’.”

Mark originally offered Sarah £1,800, but she showed him a screenshot of an online estimate of more than £3,400.

He then told her to ‘be real’, and commented on the car’s age, miles to the gallon, lack of service history, number of owners and mileage.

After viewing the car he told her it would cost £1,600 to get up to scratch and tried to sell her other cars from his Facebook page.

Bombarded with messages

Sarah claims she tried to walk away from the exchange on a number of occasions and that Mark later bombarded her with messages, causing her to fear that her car wouldn’t sell.

Sarah said: “He’d put up the photos of the car in my driveway and he’d put the car was ‘immaculate’.”

At first Mark denied reselling the vehicle and said he had been ‘fraped’ by a friend, despite not taking the image down.

He also denied he had a side business in selling cars, stating that the numerous listings on his social media were merely him ‘helping friends’ by going to car auctions.

Mark has since admitted the car will be sold and said he was entitled to do with it whatever he wanted.

“Do not need to explain myself”

He said: “I bought the car in good faith and do not need to explain myself.

“If I bought a car through Facebook for £1,100 spent £1,500 on repairs and sold it on, that’s my business.

“If I choose to sell it for £1,000,000, the owner cannot have any comeback.

“She was desperate to sell as she knew the amount it would cost to fix and if I can do this and take on the responsibility then there’s nothing wrong with that.

“Ms Hutchinson being in debt is not my responsibility.

“I also have bills to pay and am a single parent.

“I paid good money for the car in the condition the car was in.

“I am being made out to be some kind of bad guy which is not the case at all.”

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