Latest MOT horror submissions: have you seen worse than these?

Send your horror stories, pictures and videos to GW and help highlight the safety critical role of the MOT

Latest MOT horror submissions: have you seen worse than these?

MOT test stations across the country are continuing to report dangerous defects and MOT horrors.

One tester recently submitted pictures of a 2001 Nissan Micra to the DVSA after the station came across a cracked axle and wobbly wheel that could have seriously endangered the driver and other road users.

Once the damage was identified, the tester carefully lowered the car down to the ground and parked it in the garage forecourt.

The garage believes the customer had been driving the car in the days leading up to the test.

First MOT test

Another tester recently submitted a picture of a customer’s Fiat 500 which was presented for its first MOT test.

It failed the test for low front brake pads and the customer took the car to have new pads fitted elsewhere before returning it for a retest.

The nominated tester found the pin had quite obviously missed the caliper, causing it to be insecure – a dangerous fitment error that could seriously reduce braking power.

Photos of a Morris Minor showing a seatbelt that could have easily detached from its mountings at any moment have also been submitted.

The classic car failed the test with a dangerously unsafe seatbelt.

The rear seatbelt had been screwed onto the wooden frame of the car, which was worn and decayed.

There was only one screw holding the seatbelt in place.

Commenting on GW, Mark of Autotune in Grangemouth said: “We see this day in and day out.

“You have to force some people to maintain their cars/vans to a certain level.”

Have you seen worse? Send your pictures and videos to [email protected] or tell us about your horror stories on the GW forum.

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  1. Hey! Ive got a good idea…Why don’t we stop testing any car over 40 years old….and make the First MOT test after Four years…..That will will a few votes at the next election…….


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