Nottinghamshire newly-weds honeymoon ruined as car trashed in hotel car park

Unopened wedding gifts were stolen as well as vehicle's tyres

Nottinghamshire newly-weds honeymoon ruined as car trashed in hotel car park
Image: Twitter / Steve Morrisroe (@smorrisroe).

Thieves “completely spoiled” a couple’s honeymoon after vandalising their vehicle outside an airport hotel and stealing unopened wedding gifts.

After getting married in Newark-on-Trent on 26 May, the couple left their car at Heathrow’s Crowne Plaza before setting off on honeymoon, reports the BBC.

Steve Morrisroe 49, and Nicky, 39, from Nottinghamshire were in the Maldives when hotel staff alerted them by sending a picture of the damaged Audi A6 on bricks.

Mr Morrisroe addressed the hotel on Twitter shortly afterwards, sharing the picture that had been sent to him: “Currently on honeymoon.

“Attached is a photo of my car in the Crowne Plaza Heathrow where I left it in perfect condition.

“Not just damage and wheels stolen, boot was full of wedding presents and cards!

“Apparently my responsibility!

“Would you care to comment?”

Hotel bosses say Mr Morrisroe signed a disclaimer for any theft or damage.

In a statement, the firm said: “The hotel team contacted Mr Morrisroe as soon as the damage was discovered and immediately reported the crime to police.

“Prior to using the car park Mr Morrisroe signed a disclaimer clearly stating that the hotel would not be liable for any loss or damage for any vehicle or property.

“The form also stated that valuables should not be left in cars.”

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