Lucas Oil upper cylinder lubricant

Petrol and diesel fuel treatment discounts available throughout February

Lucas Oil upper cylinder lubricant

Lucas Oil is this month promoting its ‘upper cylinder lubricant’ (UCL), its off-the-shelf solution to borderline emissions test failures.

The US oil and lubricants manufacturer reports that UCL is one of its best-selling emissions reduction treatments on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

It’s a fuel treatment designed for petrol and diesel engines.

Tars, lacquers and resin deposits build up gradually and clog injectors from inside the engine.

They adversely affect engine efficiency and performance.

UCL treatment removes these deposits, improves engine performance and delivers the kind of response that can make the difference between an MOT Test Certificate pass or failure.

Contact your distributor for details of discount ordering details available until the end of the month.

Enquiries about UCL have increased both during and after each of the lockdown periods.

Motor factors were seeking quick responses to demand for a quick solution to engine running issues or problems relating to lost power.

UCL is an established one-shot treatment that helps to produce a better spark, improve the ‘burn’ and keeps engines cleaner, so that they can deliver the power they are capable of achieving with a lower level of harmful emissions.

Whether it’s to be used to improve the chances of passing an MOT test or used as part of a preventive maintenance strategy to increase fuel economy over the long term, UCL one of the best tools that any mechanic can turn to at every testing time.

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