Banner launches ‘Snack Attack’ winter sales promotion

Branded mug, coffee and snack supplied with Banner branded batteries

Banner launches ‘Snack Attack’ winter sales promotion

Banner Batteries is using its winter sales promotion to encourage customers to enjoy a well-deserved break with its 2020 ‘Snack Attack’ winter sales promotion.

This year’s promotion serves to build on the overriding success of a similar theme adopted by Banner in 2019.

This time around, Banner is serving up a Banner Batteries branded mug, coffee and snack in the form of the one of the nation’s favourites – a McVitie’s Club biscuit.

Created to fight off the thirst and hunger cravings that everyone experiences during the day, Banner is offering customers the ‘Snack Attack’ package to anyone purchasing a Banner branded battery between the promotion dates of 16 November and 31 January.

Valid : Ends 31 January 2020

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