Forte launches Power-Clean AC

Safely and effectively removes bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odours from within the air conditioning system

Forte launches Power-Clean AC
The new Power-Clean AC from Forte.

Forte has developed Power-Clean AC, an all-year-round, workshop solution to clean the air conditioning system by decontaminating it without the removal of parts or cabin filters.

Forté Power-Clean AC bacteria and odour remover has been formulated to kill 99.9 per cent of all bacterial and microbial growth in air conditioning systems and remove the associated bad odours.

It also removes all bacteria within the vehicle’s cabin by sanitizing all surface areas of the vehicle.

A fine vapour also removes and sanitizes all surface bacteria from the vehicle’s cabin.

Key features

  • 100 per cent penetration of the air con system
  • Non-labour intensive
  • No special tools required
  • No removal of parts or cabin filters required
  • Safe on evaporator coatings and vehicle electrics
  • No damage or staining to interior fabrics or leather surfaces

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