Huge savings on tyre and wheel equipment offers from Hickleys

Tyre changer, wheel balancer, wheel alignment lift and 3D wheel alignment plus ADAS calibration system

Huge savings on tyre and wheel equipment offers from Hickleys

Hickleys is this month promoting a number of offers on tyre and wheel equipment.

Each of the three packs detailed below are available separately or can be purchased together for an additional saving of £1185.

Get all three package deals from Hickleys for just £23995 + VAT.

Tyre changer and wheel balancer

  • Automatic tyre changer for the busy tyre bay.
  • Complete with 3rd arm assist for low profile & run flat tyres.
  • Tilt back column, quality d-mount head and rugged design.
  • Covers all wheels from 10″ to 21″ and widths from 3″ to 12″.
  • Comes complete with inflator, tester, soap bucket & protectors.
  • A hugely popular electronic wheel balancer.
  • This easy to operate machine balances in as little as ten seconds and covers a huge range of wheels from 10” to 24”.
  • Three alloy programs plus static and dynamic balancing.
  • Free toolbox worth £499 + VAT.

Get the Dama automatic tyre changer with third arm assist and wheel balancer, plus a free toolbox for just £2995 + VAT.

Four post wheel alignment lift and 3D wheel alignment

The 4.5t four post lift is both a service lift and a wheel alignment lift, having a 5220mm platform length, 2900mm between the posts, built-in rear slip plates and is recessed for front turnplates, plus an automatic pneumatic locking system.

This lift offers a wheel alignment option at an outstanding price.

The Dama DMA3D2000 3D wheel alignment system offers the very latest in high definition 3D technology producing highly accurate and repeatable results thanks to the high quality camera system and precise but small target boards that enable excellent results in all circumstances.

Both, plus a air operated jacking beam, are currently available as a package from Hickleys for just £12190 + VAT.

ADAS radar calibration pack

This package has been designed for garages looking to offer windscreen camera and radar box calibration solutions
for car and LCV.

Includes the main frame measurement bar, a comprehensive range of target boards and is effective with multiple diagnostic tools.

The pack currently comes with a free Mercedes IR calibration target worth £1095 + VAT.

Get the pack from Hickleys for just £9995 + VAT.

For full details, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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