New pulley alignment tool from Laser Tools

Helps ensure pulleys are correctly aligned to avoid premature belt wear

New pulley alignment tool from Laser Tools

The new multi v-belt pulley alignment tool (part number 7644) from Laser Tools provides an easy visual check of pulley alignment and is designed to be used before fitting a new belt.

Multi v-belts are commonly used on auxiliary drive systems and it is important to ensure that all pulleys are correctly aligned, to avoid premature belt wear and ensure maximum belt life.

The new visual checking tool comprises of an alignment pointer and a marked alignment checking segment, designed to fit into the v-grooves of the pulleys on the crankshaft, auxiliary components and tensioners.

When the tool is set up in equal positions on the two pulleys being checked, looking down the straight, silver-steel alignment pointer gives an instant visual confirmation of correct alignment.

The tool quickly picks up on common misalignment problems: parallel misalignment, angular misalignment, and pulley runout, which could be caused by a bent pulley shaft, a bent pulley, or worn and damaged bearings.

The multi v-belt pulley alignment tool is an EU registered design, and manufactured by Laser Tools at their plant in Sheffield.

This tool is available from Laser Tools suppliers, typically priced at £65.02 + VAT.

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