New SIP Chargestar Auto40 automatic battery charger

The brand new charger is fitted with bespoke software and ensured with a two year warranty

New SIP Chargestar Auto40 automatic battery charger
Available immediately, the Auto40 battery charger can be purchased from the SIP website.

The SIP Chargestar Auto40 battery charger features three different charging modes and dual voltage capabilities for exceptionally versatile performance across a range of domestic, trade and professional applications, and is available for just £259.99 + VAT.

Key features

  • Manual operation allows the operator to select all variables individually, the fully automatic process.
  • Semi-automatic mode uses saved parameters from previous processes, meaning bespoke functions without reentering any information.
  • Bespoke software enables quick and efficient charging of AGM, gem, calcium and lead batteries for a selection of modern vehicles.
  • Fitted with a charge current selector, digital ammeter and voltmeter, thermal overload and short circuit protections.
  • Two year warranty.

Purchase from SIP distributors by clicking “more details” or call 01509 500500.

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