Vehicle disinfectant cleaner kit

Eradicate bacteria, viruses and spores by spraying disinfectant inside vehicles with WAIglobal-supplied kit

Vehicle disinfectant cleaner kit

WAIglobal has used its supply chain to source products the automotive aftermarket requires to keep business moving, bringing a high-level, non-corrosive vehicle disinfectant cleaner, STERI-7, to market.

There are a number of technicians continuing to service and repair key workers’ vehicles, and with strict procedures in place to maximise health and safety, it is important that they have access to the appropriate equipment to reassure customers that the vehicle has been thoroughly disinfected before handing it back.

STERI-7 is a global brand used by government facilities, and technicians simply need to spray the ready-to-use disinfectant inside the vehicle and close the doors. 

A few seconds later bacteria, viruses and spores on that surface will be eradicated up to 99.99 per cent. 

Once it has been left to dry, a reactive barrier is created on the surface, which will then regenerate to give up to seven days’ added protection. 

The product has been tested, and is effective, against many commonly occurring bacteria, yeast and viruses that are known to be highly transmissible and can result in infections and illnesses.

Technicians are recommended to use 50ml per use, meaning there is enough per kit for 100 vehicles. The STERI-7 vehicle kit also comes complete with a five-litre pump sprayer, 100 ‘This vehicle has been sanitised’ stickers and a pack of 10 disposable masks. 

For further information about WAIglobal, select ‘more details’ below.

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    Please could you let me know availability and cost please

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    Anne Marie Miller

    How much is the Vehicle dis6infectant cleaner kit?

    #195266 Reply
    Hayley Walker

    What is the cost for this package and when is it available

    #195268 Reply
    sanjay panchal

    pls send prices

    #195269 Reply
    alan jones

    please send details of sanitiser kits

    #195270 Reply
    Eileen Fox

    we would like to purchase a vehicle disinfectant kit

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    William Miller

    Hi I am interested in the cleaning kit and purifier machine.
    Price and availability please
    Willie Miller

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    alan jones

    can you let me have costs for these kits please

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    Adrian Smith

    Plaese could i have some info and cost many thanks

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    Please can I have some info and costs please
    Cheers Alan

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    Hi all, these WAIglobal vehicle sanitiser kits are available to motor factors and garages and can be ordered by emailing [email protected] or by calling 01243 833 420.

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    Ray Law

    can you give me a price & availability

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