Additional connected MOT equipment to be introduced by “early” 2020

Gas analysers, diesel smoke meters, decelerometers and headlamp beam testers to be included in new rule

Additional connected MOT equipment to be introduced by “early” 2020
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The DVSA has confirmed that it plans to introduce additional connected MOT equipment by “early” 2020.

The announcement comes as new rules go live today (1 October, 2019) which state that all new roller brake testers must be able to connect to the MOT testing service. 

The rule will be extended to include connected emission gas analysers, diesel smoke meters, decelerometers and headlamp beam testers will by early 2020 following on from successful trials, the DVSA has announced. 

The agency will issue special notices as soon as the equipment is introduced into the test.

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Chris Price, DVSA head of MOT policy said: “We’re bringing in connected equipment to modernise testing in MOT garages and reduce the potential for mistakes.

“It will make testing quicker, more accurate and give motorists greater confidence in the quality of testing.

“Garages already using this equipment have seen benefits to their business.”

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    Garry Foster

    Let’s hope the cost of the MOT goes up significantly to cover the thousands that garages are going to have to oay.

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    It seems to me that ‘mistakes’ are unlikely to be made when using equipment designed to make a specific measurement.
    It is far more likely that judging the severity of wear or corrosion will lead to mistakes.
    Or is this a less contentious way of saying ‘ deliberate mistakes’.

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    adrian j walker

    to all small independent garage owners. Take my advice, quit now while your ahead, with the average lease on equipment being five years and the general status being most small garages cannot do any more MOT’s than they do at present. cost analysis and forecasts suggest that we would have to at the very least double the standard MOT fee to cover the lease costs of the upgraded equipment. as I said at the start. start making arrangements to dispose of your assets before the crap hits the fan and the value of equipment and premises drops through the floor

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    Alastair Mayne

    As always, the cost of mandatory equipment highlights the income earned from doing tests. There is no point in raising the retail cost of the test if there is no regulation of the price actually charged for the test, or the number of ‘garages’ in a certain area that are Authorised Testing Stations. Due to market forces, and having 7 other testing stations within a mile of us, the ‘maximum’ we can charge is £39.95. If we had to charge the full retail price of £54.85 things would be much better.

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    Just goes to show that nobody trusts the garages or mot testers carrying out the tests. Its a disgrace that this is happening , probably all because of a handful of dodgy mot testers. At the end of the day there will always be dodgy testers & they are the ones that will always find away round the rules.Mot tests should therefore be at a set price all around the UK at increased prices compared to todays prices , to compensate for the equipment costs & the general wage rise , pension rises etc.

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    Absolutely agree with other replies.
    Recently spent time with my accountant discussing the merits of replacing my 28 year old MOT bay – her advice is to save up so that if it fails I can shut the doors and go and find a different career!
    MOT testing is going the same way as petrol filling stations. When all but a tiny few independents are left then the big chains will control the pricing, will lobby for/dictate a fee increase and the price just like fuel, will be the same nationwide give or take a couple of pence.

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    Peter fearnley

    Garages already seeing the benefits? I fail to see how.
    Hopefully it will die a death like the last time when vosa tried to connect gas testers & failed due to incompatibility & internet problems that cost every test station about £200 can’t remember when it was just that we we didn’t get the fee back !

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    it’s about making the tests better the roads safer and getting rid of the fraudulent tests and testers making it harder for these guys who just print out certificate after certificate without looking at the vehicles you will always get these guys operating like this but these new changes in equipment will make life harder for them and that can only be a good thing really lots of people moaning about the costs involved but the mot test brings in millions of pounds a year to the motor trade if not billions no one if forced to be an mot station owner or tester if it’s really not worth doing and isn’t making any money stop doing it simple really

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)


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