IGA to publish ADAS garage guide

Workshops already likely to be servicing ADAS-enabled cars but may not know the implications, trade body warns

IGA to publish ADAS garage guide
Incorrect or faulty ADAS calibration can result in incorrect function or complete deactivation.

The Independent Garage Association has announced that it is to publish a garage guide to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).

Announcing the forthcoming publication, the IGA told its members that “it is extremely likely that you are already servicing ADAS-enabled vehicles”, adding that it is essential independent garages properly informed so as to protect both their business and customers.

The latest guide to be released by the IGA will assist garages in identifying ADAS and understanding their functions.

It will contain an outline on the various systems fitted to vehicles, along with the associated components and the potential symptoms of the systems being out of calibration.

An IGA spokesperson said: “The EU is set to make a number of ADAS technologies mandatory in new vehicles from May 2022, therefore it is more important than ever that technicians are informed and prepared to service and calibrate these systems.”

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