Vauxhall dealer tells owner jerky new Mokka X “is normal”

Owner immediately noticed "kangarooing" problem after taking delivery of his new car

Vauxhall dealer tells owner jerky new Mokka X “is normal”

The owner of a brand new Vauxhall Mokka X has been told by the dealer that his jerky and hesitant new car “is normal”.

Explaining the problem to CarBuyer, Andrew Hamilton of Crowborough in East Sussex said: “When pulling away from a junction in first gear, the car could be incredibly jerky and hesitant, kangarooing noticeably.”

Andrew was concerned that the problem could be dangerous and said it left him with “no confidence” when pulling away from junctions.

He reported the problem immediately to his dealership, SLM Vauxhall of Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

However, while the sales manager there went for a test drive, staff wouldn’t take his car into the workshop to investigate further.

Vauxhall’s customer services, meanwhile, told Andrew the problem was merely a characteristic of the car.

Characteristic of the car

After approaching a second dealership, he was told that Vauxhall had issued a technical service bulletin for jerky take-off in the 1.4-litre turbo Mokka X like his car but the company were yet to develop the necessary software patch to address it.

One week after CarBuyer approached Vauxhall, Andrew’s car was the first Mokka X was the first in the country to receive the software fix.

Andrew said: “After the update was applied, the hesitation disappeared.

“I even think the engine response is improved.

“It’s like driving a different car.”

Despite this, Vauxhall maintains that “there is no fault with the vehicle; it performs as designed”.

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    Ken Ashton

    As if confidence in main dealers isn’t bad enough ! Wake up , put your hands in the air and say “we are aware of this and a fix will be done in due course ” and restore confidence .

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    Just so happens it’s the very same manufacturer that refused to consider random loss of power steering assistance as dangerous!

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