Six-month MOT extension sparks mixed reaction

Independent garages speak out following shock announcement

Six-month MOT extension sparks mixed reaction
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News of a six-month MOT extension for cars, motorcycles and light vans from 30 March 2020 has sparked mixed reaction from GW readers.

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is urging government to start with an initial six-week MOT extension period, which could then then reviewed on a weekly basis.

It warns that the current six-month extension will have a detrimental impact on the independent sector, which carries out over 80 per cent of the UK’s 30 million yearly MOT tests.

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Stuart James, IGA chief executive said: “We understand that measures need to be put in place to fight the virus, and support these measures, however we do not agree with the six months extension of MOTs.

“We urge the government to show a degree of flexibility, as the repercussions for the independent sector will be severe.

“Better guidance also needs to be given to the public regarding the extension to ensure that vehicles remain roadworthy.”

“A very worrying time”

The IGA’s concerns mirror those of many GW readers, including Alison who has now furloughed her staff.

Writing on the GW forum, she said: “It is a very worrying time.

“We also just missed out on the £10,000 grant.

“Our rateable value is £13,000 and the cut-off is 12,000 so no extra help apart from getting into debt.

“This is a hard enough trade to be in at the best of times.”

MOT cancellations

Also commenting, Bob says he’s now getting MOT cancellations following the six-month extension announcement.

He commented: “We stayed open on reduced staff to help our customers, particularly the elderly and key workers.

“Within minutes of the announcement of a six month extension to MOT tests we were getting calls to cancel booked tests.

“It’s just going to cause a massive log jam from October onwards.”

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Similarly, Peter Miles said: “For six months nobody will be getting their car tested with god knows how many faults present or developing.

“And yet, as the rules stand we have to keep testing regularly or lose our authorisation to test.

“We have to conduct quality control exercises on tests which aren’t happening and are still compelled to conduct any requested test within a reasonable time.”

“An MOT is an unnecessary risk”

However, given the current coronavirus situation, not everyone is against the six-month MOT extension.

Writing on Facebook last week, Mark Snelgrove said: “I’ve already had two infected customers in this week who have left isolation because their cars needed MOTing.

“When I challenged them they couldn’t see what my issue was.

“We have now decided to close for two weeks as of Friday because people are willing to put others at risk.”

Matt Booth also welcomed the news.

He said: “I’m really pleased about the decision, it allows our vulnerable customers to continue getting their shopping or to hospital appointments etc.

“Any coming for an MOT is an unnecessary risk.”

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    David Reynolds

    I fully understand the gravity of the situation as both my sons work for the NHS. We are still open and we have put measures in place to protect ourselves and our customers and I think the mot extension is a disaster for the independent sector. Anyone who think they will be closed for 2 weeks needs a reality check. We have already seen a massive reduction of work and may be forced to close soon. I fear that some garages may not re- open.

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    Whats the point of saving people from the very small risk (if correct procedures are followed) of having your car tested compared to the much bigger risk of causing an accident to through an unsafe vehicle. The obvious sensible option would have been to defer testing only for people in the high risk category. That way lives are protected and garages may be able to keep trading. Also this will avoid the inevitable chaos this will cause by pushing 6 months worth of testing into the future

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    Alan fox

    How do you obtain parts for repairs
    On a vehicle that has failed the MOT
    When Main dealers are shut?

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    Hi fellow testers & independent traders, I too fear for all our businesses, there should indeed have been guidelines put into place, alongside this ridiculous government six month mot extension period, it should have been granted to key workers & front line employed, but not every Tom, Dick & Harry, all test stations should offer a free local collection & return service for those individuals who’s vehicles required testing, minimising contact between possibly infected, & prevention of spreading the disease, a short clean of the owner’s vehicle’s interior on collection, & also on return, PPE equipment worn by the collecting party, keeping all contact to a minimum, I’m sure we could implement such a service for the six month period?
    My concerns are grave, who’s to say the government won’t continue with the extension on a fortnightly/monthly basis, at the end of the first six month period, & take it all the way to March 2021 ?? Then no mot back log, we all just lose about 75 % of our turnover for the twelve month period, I wouldn’t put it past them to do this, just to avoid egg on their faces, WOULD THEY HAVE DONE IT IF THERE WAS VAT @20% on the mot fee ??
    I THINK NOT!! How about a six month break on panning road tax mr chancellor???

    #193762 Reply

    Keep the garages open they said….
    We upped our game, treating keys and cars on the way in and on the way out of our premises we promised our customers we would be there for them and collect cars were need as the other garages around us announced they were closing and then the bomb shell hit. “MOTS automatically get a 6 Month extension” Yes DVSA are actually changing the expiry dates of millions of cars and adding 6 months on to the end!!!
    We see many vehicles that are not fit or safe to be on the road and now they can just carry on regardless. Yes the driver has to ensure they are road worthy but what exactly is that to a layman??
    What will the insurance company say when that have an accident because of a burst brake pipe or detached track rod end?
    With no MOT tests how can the garages stay open to deal with broken springs tearing through tyres and brake pads on the metal, even getting a puncture mended will be impossible.
    How then will our key workers do their jobs without their vehicles and will they be tempted to drive them knowing there is something wrong with it?
    Ok so the garages can furlough their staff but how does anyone plan for a comeback not knowing how many people will want / need work doing after the minimum three weeks off a furloughed staff member must have?

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    Andrew Rankin

    I can understand why they have made the MOT extension, but it’s how long the extension has been put in place for, that’s the problem. If we come out of lockdown in let’s say June, we are then going to have to struggle on for 4 months with no MOT tests, which is 80% of are work. I think as soon as we can go back to work they should of given 4-8 weeks to give people time to get back on there feet. Because by time October comes its just going to be chaos MOT wise, and the state of which the vehicles are going to be in, I dread to think. It’s going to be very worrying times for all independent sector. But for now stay safe.

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