Campaigners call for London to be car-free by 2030

Private cars should disappear from Greater London with alternatives being accessible on an app, report says

Campaigners call for London to be car-free by 2030
Vehicles will be able to drive into the city under the news plans but would have to go back out to the ring road to access other areas. Image: Bigstock.

A report by Common Wealth, along with campaign groups We Own It and Greenpeace UK, says London should have no private cars by 2030.

The Away with All Cars report says the number of cars in the UK has grown in every year since the end of World War Two, and increasing distances were travelled by car, making transport the “UK’s largest sectoral source of carbon emissions”.

It says that even though London is “consistently ranked in the top 10 cities worldwide for high-quality public transport”, it is also the most congested and one of the most polluted cities in the UK.

To counteract this, the report says private cars should have “disappeared from Greater London” by 2030 with alternatives being accessible on a Transport for London app, including walking routes, buses free for Londoners, tram and Tubes, E-bikes, e-scooters, car shares and e-rickshaws.

“We need major change like this”

Caroline Russell, Green Party member of the London Assembly, said: “We need major change like this to tackle the climate and air pollution crises.”

A TfL spokesperson said: “We’re investing a record £2.3bn in creating healthier streets where walking, cycling and public transport are the natural choice for all journeys and we want 80 per cent of journeys to be made in these ways by 2041.”

Nicholas Lyes, RAC head of roads policy, said many private car journeys in London were “driven by need, rather than choice”.

He added: “Our own data suggests that 72 per cent of Londoners say they would find it very difficult to adjust to life without using their vehicles.”

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