Carmarthen garage faces Storm Callum aftermath

Workshop devastated after defensive wall designed to protect businesses from floodwater cracked

Carmarthen garage faces Storm Callum aftermath
Inside the workshop after the floodwater receded.

The owner of Ken Williams Motors is this week facing a big clean up following Storm Callum floodwater which caused significant damage.

The workshop, which is located close to the River Towy in the Pensarn area of Carmarthen, was thought to be protected by a defensive wall which was designed to safeguard nearby businesses from floodwater.

However, due to the sheer scale of rainfall on Friday night and Saturday, the wall was breached and the garage suffered some of the most extreme damage.

To make matters worse, the wall itself cracked on Saturday afternoon, allowing flood water to flow through.

“We didn’t’ expect this”

Lee Evans, manager at Ken Williams Motors said: “The wall which separates the garage from the river cracked and water came flooding through it.

“It all happened so quickly.

“We knew we were going to have some rain but we didn’t’ expect this to happen – we didn’t expect the wall to crack.

“We had about ten or 12 vehicles outside and we’ve managed to save some of them, but three vehicles are totally ruined.

“Totally ruined”

“The clean-up has now started and we don’t yet know the true cost of what happened, but it will be in the thousands.

“We’ve been running the business on one phone because of the damage done to our base in Pensarn, and someone very kindly offered us a place in the Johnstown area of the town.

“I’ve lived in Carmarthen for years and this is the worst I’ve ever seen it.

“It’s been bad before – the water has been up to the wall – but never like this.”

Has your garage ever been effected by floods? Share your comments and experiences below.

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