“Unique” BMW programming solutions explained by Autologic

Autologic head of BMW, Brian Chaffe, reports on the unique qualities of Autologic software

“Unique” BMW programming solutions explained by Autologic
Autologic has released a series of guides to support technicians with manifold car faults and issues Image: Bigstock.

By combining dealer-trained technician expertise with comprehensive technology, Autologic go beyond the diagnosis stage right through to fixing the car.

Autologic’s head of BMW, Brian Chaffe explains what makes Autologic’s module replacement, programming and configuration software different – and what’s coming next.

With the ability to program individual control units, this is a major tool for any workshop.

It allows the user to recognise if an ECU has been replaced, or if there is faulty or incorrect software.

Much like a parts catalogue, it can be used to check if the correct parts are fitted to the car.

Brian explains what makes Autologic’s software unique: “We allow selective programming, so our customers can choose to program or code a single control module.

“Speed and efficiency also differentiates our approach, it takes a customer around 15 minutes to receive a file back as we have the ability to send the files directly to the Blue Box or AssistPlus Pro device.”

Brian continues: “We record all programming and coding capability.

“This allows our software engineers to fix any programming and coding issues they encounter in a realistic timeframe to meet the needs of our customers.

“Before programming BMW vehicles, connect a suitable battery support unit and select the correct setting.

Top tip

“If the vehicle is an E or F series BMW and is equipped with Efficient Dynamics, the battery charge mode should be used.

“Set the charge mode to a maximum of 14.8 volts and the current to 20 Amp/H higher than the Amp/H rating of the battery.

“If the E series vehicle is not equipped with efficient dynamics, the FSV or power supply mode must be selected, with a maximum voltage of 14.2 volts.”

Since launching in 2006, Autologic have supported over 150,000 cars with programming and coding functionality and the priority now is to develop new ways to streamline the entire process.

“We’re developing a faster procedure whereby the programming file can be integrated into the software.”

This will speed up the current process even further.

Additional updates will be added to further enhance the BMW software coding and programming capability.

“In the very near future, we’re adding all F series models to our software with G and I series models to follow shortly after.”

For further information about Autologic contact 01865 870 060 or click “more details” below.

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