BG Products announce winner of 2017 MPG challenge

Shrewsbury motorist Andy Slater received impressive results from BG's MPG challenge, as well as the grand prize

BG Products announce winner of 2017 MPG challenge
At 79,650 miles he recorded 23.9 MPG, 900 miles or so later, at 80,555 miles, it had risen to 43.9 MPG; it has since stabilised at a still impressive 39 MPG.

Motorist Andy Slater was announced by BG Products as the winner of its 2017 MPG Challenge, during a presentation at Baschurch Garage Shrewsbury.

The competition aimed to find the top fuel saving motorists using the company’s fuel and oil treatments to maximise their engine’s efficiency and improve fuel economy.

BG Products launched the campaign at the beginning of summer in order to encourage motorists to see just how much fuel they could save after a single use of its fuel and oil treatments.

Ongoing testing continues to support previous data, confirming that fuel savings of four to seven per cent can be achieved.

Seat Leon owner, Andy Slater of Shrewsbury, was the overall winner; recording his MPG improvement at over twenty MPG at one stage following treatment and managed to bag himself the grand prize of a brand-new 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

BG MPH service

Andy was presented with his prize at the service centre where he had his car treated with BG Products, Baschurch Garage.

The BG MPG service comprises one product to clean the engine’s fuel system and a second to flush the crankcase, piston area and oil passages.

The BG Products fuel system cleaner maintains vital injector spray function, keeps oxygen sensors clean and helps to clean catalytic convertors, whilst the EPR Engine Flush scrubs the combustion chamber and cleans the compression rings.

“Missing out”

Andy Cotton, director of Powerflow Ltd, distributor of BG Products within Great Britain, said: “Congratulations to Andy, all the MPG improvement entries prove BG’s effectiveness in restoring engine performance and improving fuel economy.

“Motorists who aren’t utilising this practical cleaning chemistry are missing out, it’s costing them money and increasing pollution in our towns and cities.”

BG Products is committed to maintaining the operational systems of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles.

Mr Cotton added: “BG continue to deliver an easy, very cost-effective solution featuring industry-leading products.

“Plus, it can be simply done at the same time that a car is serviced normally, motorists get back that new-car feeling with their MPG restored and reduced emissions benefit everyone.”

For further information about BG Products, click ‘more details’ below.

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