Comline launches ‘Part of the Month’ video series

Most popular references to be given new coverage across YouTube

Comline launches ‘Part of the Month’ video series
Comline is launching a Part of the Month video series to celebrate its must-have products.

Comline, the European automotive aftermarket car parts brand, has launched Part of the Month – a video series of bite-sized clips showcasing the brand’s must-have references.

The series, which kicked off with air filter references EAF993 and EAF994, aims to bring the featured parts to life in a concise and engaging manner.

Optimised for social media and smartphone viewing, the monthly installments will be shared via Comline’s YouTube channel; the first video went live at the beginning of March.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to connect existing and potential customers with our brand and our products,” said Leigh Davies, Comline’s marketing manager.

“As the market increasingly views and receives information via smartphones and through social media platforms, it is vital that we optimise our communications to suit.

“These short video clips have been created with this in mind, bringing the subject matter to life, we display essential product information in an eye-catching concise and upbeat format.

“Designed to be shared easily, the bite-sized clips not only provide our motor factor and distributor customers with crucial information, they have the additional benefit of being a useful communication tool which they can, in turn, promote and share with their customers.”

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