New electronic MOT headlight beam tester released

More accurate beam analysis on offer from Sykes-Pickavent's latest product

New electronic MOT headlight beam tester released
A new onboard beam tester has been released by Sykes-Pickavent

Sykes-Pickavent has launched a new headlight beam tester that can provide accurate beam readings to assist motorists and MOT testers.

According to the DVSA, headlight aim is the most common failure item at annual testing for both HGVs and PSVs.

Both the aforementioned and passenger vehicles can be accurately tested by motorists and MOT testers alike to mitigate against this perennial issue.

Headlamp aim may be affected over time by factors including uneven road surfaces, ball-joint or suspension replacement, road traffic accidents and even bulb changes.

Correct alignment is an important safety feature that provides the driver with an adequate view of the road ahead whilst reducing dazzle for other drivers.

The latest MOT guidelines indicate that a headlamp will fail on alignment if the horizontal cut-off is above the upper limit of 0.5 per cent or below the lower limit of 2.75 per cent.

Exact analysis of headlight beam for MOT testers

The Sykes-Pickavant 02697000 headlight beam tester provides accurate readings with an integrated camera for exact analysis and adjustment of the beam.

This solution can be used on any vehicle beam including Halogen, Xenon, LED, low beam, high beam and fog beam.

With a counterweight-balanced aluminium column and three-wheeled base, the headlight beam tester has been designed to be easy to manoeuvre.

The tester features an injection-moulded optical box equipped with 230 mm diameter lens, laser vision for precise examination and cross-laser alignment system.

Specific configuration of the tester includes software for reading beam segments including DLA, Matrix and ILS.

The 02697000 features an integrated printed for manual beam analysis and ‘Headlight 4’ software and app for reading low beams, high beams and fog beams.

You can see how the product works here.

Find out more about the Sykes-Pickavent electronic headlight beam tester and how it could benefit your workshop by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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