Common Range Rover Mk 4 ‘engine system fault’ solved

Auto Education Academy reveals repair procedure for common fault on models within specific VIN range

Common Range Rover Mk 4 ‘engine system fault’ solved

The latest GW reader challenge from Euro Academy’s technical helpline concerns a Land Rover Range Rover Mk 4 models equipped with the 3.0-litre turbo diesel (155 kW / 211 HP), designation 306DT.

The issue, which only affects vehicles within a specific VIN range, will trigger a fault message on the multifunction screen that reads ‘Engine system fault’.

A diagnostic scan on the engine control unit will likely show one or more of the following fault codes.

Fault codes

  • P2263 – Turbocharger/supercharger boost pressure. Operating problem.
  • P1247 – Turbocharger, boost pressure low.
  • P0235 – Boost pressure regulation. The regulation limit is not reached.
  • P00BD – Circuit A performance of the intake airflow. Airflow too high.
  • P006A – MAP, mass or volume air flow correlation.

Auto Education Academy Solution

According to the Auto Education Academy, the issue is likely due to one of two possible causes.

There is a defect in the vacuum circuit of the drive system of the turbocharger geometry or there is corrosion in the joint of the turbocharger geometry actuator.

Outlined below is the complete recommended repair procedure:

  1. Read the fault codes recorded in the control unit using a diagnostic tool.
  2. Confirm that one or several of the fault codes above are displayed. Also, check for the other listed symptoms.
  3. Visually inspect if the joint shaft of the turbocharger geometry is flat or has a nut securing it.
  4. Replace the capsule assembly and the operating rod of the turbo geometry with an improved version, if the joint shaft has a nut on it.
  5. Check the proper operation of the capsule assembly and the operating rod of the turbo with the help of a vacuum gauge.
  6. Check all vacuum circuit pipes and the vacuum solenoid valve of the drive system of the turbocharger geometry if the joint shaft of the turbo geometry does not have a fastening nut on it, repair or replace the pipes or the solenoid valve, if necessary.

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