‘Fit for me’ opens up new revenue stream for garages, Euro Car Parts suggests

Vehicle owners now able purchase parts online for direct delivery to preferred indepedent garage for part fitment

‘Fit for me’ opens up new revenue stream for garages, Euro Car Parts suggests

Euro Car Parts has launched a new online service to match trusted garages with vehicle owners in need of essential maintenance work. 

Garages must meet specific quality criteria to be part of the ‘Fit It For Me’ service, which has been designed to give new and existing customers the confidence to use the independent aftermarket rather than returning their vehicle to a dealership.

Live on the Euro Car Parts consumer website now, the service allows drivers to select from 1,850 approved garages nationwide when buying parts, along with a time and date for the parts to be fitted. 

The parts are then delivered direct to the customer’s chosen workshop, minimising the need for close quarters interaction between technicians and their customers, and helping them adhere to social distancing guidelines.

“We want to help independent garages tap into this rapidly growing area”

Andy Hamilton, CEO at Euro Car Parts, said: “The UK has one of the most advanced ecommerce sectors in Europe, and we want to help independent garages tap into this rapidly growing area of the market. 

“Of all online parts sales in the UK, half are ultimately installed by garages anyway – our ambition with Fit It For Me is to simplify the process and maximise the benefits for garages and their customers, by ensuring quality repairs, first time, every time.”

To ensure full compatibility, customers must input their vehicle registration number before they can buy any parts. 

Parts such as bulbs, car batteries, engine oil, oil filters, brake pads and brake discs can all be ordered through the service. 

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Appointments are available to book between 48 hours and ten days in advance, with contactless drop-off and pick-up times confirmed by the garage.

Customers will pay the garage directly for the installation, with no referral fee.

Andy Hamilton added: “Fit it For Me will open new revenue streams for independent garages and introduce them to new customers, at a time when many have been operating at reduced capacity due to lockdown restrictions.

“We expect to see a surge in demand for service and maintenance work when drivers get back on the road, as many vehicles will have developed faults while out of use.

“Fit it for me will open new revenue streams”

“This new service will help direct that demand into the independent aftermarket, in a way that can be managed easily and safely.

“Beyond the initial transaction, we’re confident that Fit it For Me will give independent garages – with their unique expertise and focus on local customer service – the chance to forge long-lasting relationships with an expanding customer base.”

To find out more, get in touch with your regional Euro Car Parts branch manager. 

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    Another part of ECP’s apparent plan to take over the world! This is obviously not to help Independent Garages, it is designed to benefit ECP. We will only supply and fit parts, and will not fit parts supplied. If a supplied part is faulty, as professionals we are still held responsible for the failure and therefore compensation etc. When we supply and fit a part, we have an instant paper trail back to the supplier and can refer this responsibility back to them. Plus, if we order the incorrect parts, it is our fault and we pay the consequences with the inconvenience of having a part-dismantled vehicle taking up workshop space. If the customer supplies the wrong parts they won’t want to pay us to re-asssemble their car again with the old parts so that it can be moved out of the way to allow us to get another job into our workshops for another customer and continue earning a living.

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    john Borland

    hi ,i feel fit for me is only euro car parts trying to generate sales for themselves and not to help independent garages,i was offered this option to join fit for me but opted out as my staff and myself are fully qualified to order parts on our own,perhaps euro car parts should invest in their own workshops to fit their own parts rather than build up a system to carry this out using other workshops initially ,with the option to open their own should the system work,we had no checks carried out by euro when we were asked to join as to the qualifications the technicians had, and no idea who would have informed the car owners which parts they required,or if they actually did require them,if it was an mot failure that brought the repairs to light does that mean euro car parts are encouraging drivers to ileagaly drive a car from an mot station after failing a test ?so they can sell parts directly to the owner regardless of road safety,to themselves and others,not to mention the legal aspect of insurance once a vehicle fails an mot test,we actually buy parts direct from euro just now and a large portion of the time they are incorrect,who would pay the garages downtime while the car is on their ramp waiting for the correct parts,most branches of Euro car parts are in industrial estates so they could quite easily open workshops attached to their branches and give the parts to their own fitter to fit while the customers wait,rather than get independant garages to do a trial run for them,they already sell to the public why else would they be trying to get customers to go to garages they recommend

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    Holly Oakey

    ‘Opens up new revenue stream for garages’ what an insult!?!? What they actually mean is… ‘Take profit margins on parts away from garages and line their own pockets!!! Euro Car Parts CEO needs to remember who their core customer base is; the professional independent garages like ourselves who spend thousands of pounds a month with them… not Joe ‘weekend mechanic’ public! What would people think if ASDA decided to launch a scheme where you can buy a cheap steak online and have it delivered to your favourite restaurant; then have their trained chefs cook it for you while you sit in their nice restaurant and eat it… all for a bargain price?! If you want to buy your own parts and get a mate to fit them on your driveway fair enough! However, if you want your vehicle repaired at a reputable garage, by qualified experienced mechanics, with a nice waiting room, and the peace of mind that the work is guaranteed… how are independent garages expected to provide all this and have their profits slashed?! I sincerely hope that not a single garage signs up out of principal and the whole scheme falls flat on it’s face; it would be no more than they deserve for such a ridiculous and blatant attempt to undermine the very people who have made them a successful and profitable company in the first place!

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    Mark wright

    Yet again our business will be affected with Any confusion or incompatibility of parts sourced by customers causing delays to our workload and disabled vehicles stuck on our ramps for greatly reduced profits.
    End game is getting closer

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    anthony w edwards

    What could possibly go wrong? utter madness.

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    Jimmy Cruickshank

    The last thing the trade needs is the public supplying more parts.
    The labour charges pay for the running cost of the workshop and parts mark up is the profit for the business

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    Sounds to me like Euro Car Parts domination of the after sales car parts markets. I have stopped using this company because an account holder who used to spend £thousands each month only to find out that Joe public gets a better trade rate than garages!!!

    All our hourly rates are calculated knowing a certain profit will come from parts sales. In the event of customer supplied parts, we all know the legal implications too. I that is the case I can only see most garages putting up labour rates if they don’t earn money out of parts sales.

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    Sounds to me like Euro Car Parts domination of the after sales car parts markets. I have stopped using this company because an account holder who used to spend £thousands each month only to find out that Joe public gets a better trade rate than garages!!!

    All our hourly rates are calculated knowing a certain profit will come from parts sales. In the event of customer supplied parts, we all know the legal implications too. I that is the case I can only see most garages putting up labour rates if they don’t earn money out of parts sales.

    Secondly if you have fitted a faulty part, they only want to pay £35 p/h warranty rate at book time. I have an on going claim which I have charged a retail rate. My opinion is if Euro Car Parts has one price for everybody, then so do garages when it comes to warranty claims.

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    Bill Harper

    Lovely, so Euro car parts makes the profit on the parts and we are left with the fallout when part fails, or is incorrect or does not cure fault.

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    Brian Waite

    So we make nothing on the part. We will be expected to refit a failed part under warranty. Then i bet Euro will introduce a fee for sending the customer.


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    Bill Harper

    Lovely, Euro car parts get the profit, we get the fallout when the parts are incorrect, fail or do not cure the fault. Plus we get no profit on parts, what about not fitting customer supplied parts.

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    I assume Euro Car Parts are going to pay the garages involved in the scheme the difference between the retail price they will be charging the online purchaser and the garages trade price. After all Euro wouldn’t want Their trade customer who have been purchasing parts from them day after day, month after month, year after year to be out of pocket would they?

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    Peter Miles

    I wouldn’t touvh this scheme with a bargepole. All you’re going to get are customers who care for nothing except how cheap a job they can get and you’ll still get stuck with warranty claims which, from my experience of ECP products, are likely to be considerable. And if it’s true that half of all on-line ordered parts are fitted by garages anyway then there must be a lot of workshops out there who don’t give a damn about their reputations or the legal ramifications of this.
    IF something goes badly wrong (an injury or even a death) who is liable? ECP, the customer or the garage? I think we can all guess the answer to that one!

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    Julie Westley

    ECP are not helping garages at all with this idea – they are taking your profit away on the parts they sell and then have the cheek to ask you to fit them.
    Not to mention the grey area of warranty on customer supplied parts – not good for supplier, garage or customer.
    At a time when garages need to get back to work and make up for lost revenue why would you let your parts supplier take away part of your income.
    Don’t sell yourself cheap – customers that buy their own parts are not good customers to have. They want a cheep job not a quality one. Turn them away there are plenty of customers that will pay for your quality service and fitted parts.

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    julian cardew

    We used to spend 2k a month but ECP have stopped delivering from Peterborough and Grantham to our A1 based workshops…

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    cant be bothered with ECP even though i’m a network approved garage RAC
    Go jump ECP.

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    The fact is that consumer behaviours are changing and Independent Garages need to adapt and keep up.

    Online purchasing is only going to grow and grow – but with this concept – at least ECP is pushing these consumers to trust worthy garages who can do the job right.

    COVID19 will have also increased the trend of online purchasing on all goods – why should vehicle parts be any different?

    The parts would be delivered by ECP to the selected workshop there chain of custody is intact – if there was any issues with the part it’s covered by warranty.

    I am not here to support ECP but to point out – times are changing and if you don’t change as a business – you are going to be left behind.

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    Chris Morrison

    In 15 years of business, I can honestly say euro car parts are the biggest large company fraudsters iv come across.
    It would take a large paragraph to explain and describe my personal experience, in a nut shell I urge you all to be extra mindful when using this company. I refuse to give any of my business to them and prefer use other parts suppliers even when the price is more. My experience with ECP was only cheaper in the very short term. BE AWARE.

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    Paul Johnson

    Greed so hope it’s falls flat on its face ,why don’t independent garages start buy parts elsewhere

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    duane winter

    ive never read such a load of rubbish in my life ..Using social distancing as a reason is disgraceful.Also trusted garages?? I for one don’t trust Euro…

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    Well I would say it could work , if ecp gave the garage the 30% mark up , but they won’t , what if the manufacturer sent the part direct to the garage and cut out ecp just a ploy to sell parts , they won’t have to deal with the aggressive customer that carnt use there car because SINCE you did this that and the other it’s a can of worms we never fit customers parts nothing but problems , independent garages are been screwed left right and centre,who in there right mind would put all the training and investment just to loose everything Further down the road , the dvsa should compensate all mot stations all the bills need paying yet the government has in effect put a barrier in front of our businesses,an increased fixed fee non discounting mot fee a level playing field all the public think is an mot isn’t necessary, we’re treated worse than drug dealers it isn’t worth it

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    Simon Green

    Total nonsense, we all as independent garages should stand together at such a reticules concepts.
    We run a retail business, like most other business, the mark up on parts is factored into the job
    Euro Car Parts clearly do not give a dam about there trade customers, a retail customer that can buy a part either on the net or other the counter at the same price or some times cheaper than what there supplying the trade is not acceptable, but then to support a fit for me scheme clearly do not care about there trade customers whats so ever.
    Quite simple, dont deal with ECP, they will soon get the message.

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    Mr G

    Ecp = worst customer service period!

    #197081 Reply
    Brian Waite

    I used to have a £4k monthly bill with euro but have transferred all my business to my other two suppliers.
    When your delivery from Euro is held up as the driver is running up and down stairs in flats delivering to the public at lower prices than you receive then it’s time to give euro the boot.

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