Watch: Forte Power Clean machine review

AP Autocare speaks to GWTV about Forte's popular four-in-one machine

Watch: Forte Power Clean machine review

The Forte Power Clean 4-in-1 cleaning machine allows direct cleaning with new specially formulated treatments for fuel injection, turbo diesel, air intake and DPFs.

The machine is reported to be highly effective and is already proving popular among garage owners for its all-in-one credentials.

The fuel injection service cleans the fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chamber with a concentrated cleaning solution.

A turbo treatment cleans turbines and variable geometry vanes by injecting a treatment directly into the combustion chamber.

An air intake service injects a cleaner into the manifold and inlet valves to remove contamination and the DPF treatment flushes out soot and ash, restoring original operation.

Chris Peacock of AP Autocare speaks to GWTV about his experiences with the popular four-in-one machine.

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