Rise of fake parts sees TMD Friction develop new ways to fight back

Brake friction manufacturer warns about dangers of counterfeit parts

Rise of fake parts sees TMD Friction develop new ways to fight back
TMD Friction says that it has found it difficult as a manufacturer to tell the difference on first inspection between its own products and fakes.

TMD Friction has revealed that it is continuing to fight back against fake parts amid reports of a rise in the number of fake components entering the aftermarket.

The manufacturer is currently working on a security seal that will be directly linked to a its computer system, allowing any factor or garage to check the authenticity.

Scott Irwin, head of technical training at TMD Friction, said: “The price of products is always going to be a major deciding factor for garages and consumers, however, this needs to be balanced with quality and more importantly, safety.

“We have seen a marked increase in counterfeit products being sold in the aftermarket that are such convincing replicas of the original product, it is becoming more and more difficult for factors and garages to tell the difference.

“In some cases, it has even been difficult for TMD Friction as a manufacturer to tell the difference on first inspection of our own products.

“It is only when putting the products through our rigorous testing facilities that we are able to confirm they are fakes.”

Counterfeit Textar pads

TMD Friction has reported several cases of plagiarism of its premium OE brand, Textar.

Most recently a batch of brake pads for trucks were identified with a remarkable resemblance to the original – it was only the performance that demonstrated the batch were fakes.

Scott said: “When tested, these products proved to be extremely dangerous and would put lives at risk by having this material equipped on any vehicle, let alone a truck that requires specialist material to stop such weights.

“The fake product performed very poorly on temperature and speed, which is required for long-distance braking in commercial vehicles.

Brake failure

“It also had low compressibility, making it very aggressive to brake discs and leading to disc cracking.”

In the disc cracking test, the fake products were worn down to the underlayer, causing a failure after only 110 brake applications.

Scott warned that using fake parts such as these would lead to brake failure, putting lives in danger.

Factors and garages in doubt about the authenticity of Textar products should contact [email protected]

For more information, select the ‘more details’ link below.

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    I’ve seen plenty of counterfeits, and nearly every case has been on customer supplied parts. Premium brands are of course more likely to be faked as they command a higher revenue but I’ve seen replica of brands less well established too. Not fitting customer supplied parts has i
    eradicated the issue and should it ever rear its head you have recourse through your supplier.
    Why anyone still chooses to fit boxes of customer supplied eBay toffee is beyond me, you deem it “fit for purpose“ by fitting it, it’s on your head and yours alone.

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    I agree with Pete.
    The only time i have ever seen spurious parts has been when a customer has asked us to fit their own parts.
    We have not fitted customers parts for some years now, and although some may say that it is lost work, I see it as a bullet dodged.
    What many garages fail to realise is that even if you do not supply the parts, you are legally liable and must guarantee any part you fit, wherever and whomever it comes from.

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    Philip Kerkham

    The legal side to repairing is a minefield one good reason to be thinking of giving up the job ! For a sole trader all my assets are at risk .Take care of who you work for you need to be able to trust them both to pay and not play the blame game !

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    Peter Miles

    I have to agree with the posts above, do not fit customer supplied parts! You’re still going to be expected to sort things out if they don’t, don’t work or simply are unfit for purpose. The only reason a customer will do that is to save money so you already know they’ve bought cheapest parts possible. They may be fake or they may just be rubbish but, if you value your livelihood don’t do it!

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