GSF Car Parts see surge in Garage Essentials

National motor factor reports record breaking sales for 2017

GSF Car Parts see surge in Garage Essentials
Autumn season is predicted to bring an uptick on the purchase of lifts.

GSF Car Parts reports sales so far in 2017 from the Garage Essentials workshop equipment tooling programme have reached record levels, citing several factors.

Top of the list is the support of The Parts Alliance, with printed copies now available from The Parts Alliance members Allparts, Bromsgrove Motor Factors, Car Parts & Accessories, CES, GMF, SAS Autoparts, SC Motor Factors and Waterloo.

The second factor has been some serious demand for particular products; the super-fast GE-Tec diagnostic tablet for example, offering amazing functionality for just £895 + VAT has sold in big numbers.

Popular products

During summer, strong sellers like air con were supported with interest in tyre bays, this generally came from garages wanting to take advantage of lowest-ever prices to bring tyre replacement capability in-house.

And products such as the Boxer black tyre changer and balancer package from Hofmann proved particularly popular.

The arrival of autumn season has heralded an uptick in demand for lifts, a constant bedrock of the programme, and an area where Garage Essentials offer extensive choice.

This includes no less than seven different supplier brands, including exclusivity on the fast-growing EAE lift range.

Right price, right time

“It’s just been exceptionally buoyant throughout this year,” said John Wright, head of garage equipment and customer development at GSF Car Parts.

“We’ve fortunately managed to get the right product offers out at the right time with our suppliers and then bring in the support of The Parts Alliance behind them.”

John believes a final factor to have been been awareness by garages that many equipment brands traditionally review pricing in quarter four.

“Up until very recently we’ve had a weaker pound and it seems garages have been buying this year to beat possible price rises on these capital equipment products that are generally produced abroad,” said John.

Garages are advised to look out for the upcoming Autumn 2017 issue of Garage Essentials, available from their local branch from early October.

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