New “low-cost” emission analyser

Hickleys announce the arrival of BrainBee Omni 800 Lite

New “low-cost” emission analyser

According to Hickleys, with all the components communicating cable free to the tablet including an optional wi-fi printer and the RPM/Oil temperature module, much of the cost has been taken out of the configuration.

The Omni 800 Lite still uses the high quality and well proven petrol and diesel smoke analysers used in all of the Omni 800 range.

Many existing emission analysers are up to 15 years old, with some no longer meeting current approval and many beginning to fail with expensive repair bills.

Due to the Omni Lite having a very low market price it now makes more sense to replace than repair.

Hickleys are offering a £500 trade in on any make of existing emission analysers even if it has already failed.

The Omni Lite costs £22 per week inclusive of a two-year warranty, and users have the option to include a complete five-year plan for £39 per week.

For further information about Hickleys call 01823 328530, email [email protected] or click ‘more details’ below.

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