New Ring Automotive smart dash cam range available at A1 Motor Stores

Automotive specialist Ring has added a new range of Dash Cams to its smart product portfolio that connects vehicles with its Ring Connect app, so motorists can drive with confidence.

Ring’s new Dash Cam collection includes the Smart Dash Cam 2000, Smart Dash Cam 3000, Smart Dash Cam 4000 and Smart Dash Cam Rear 1000.

All data can be stored, viewed and shared easily via the Ring Connect app.

Additional features of the new range include GPS locator, parking mode to automatically detect any impact while the vehicle is parked, WiFi to connect to a smart phone, G-sensor which automatically saves moments of high G-force impact, HD footage and instant sharing from the dash cam to the Ring Connect app.

Ring identified dash cams as one of the fastest growing areas of car accessories.

Drivers are looking for protection to ensure they get repairs paid for if an accident occurs and wasn’t their fault. By identifying these popular products, Ring can offer factors an ideal upselling opportunity.

The vehicle car parc is ever expanding, which has also led to a rise in accidents and fraudulent claims.

A dash cam can help reduce the number of false claims and provide insurance companies with the evidence needed to prove who is at fault and what actually happened.

Ring’s dash cam range can be fitted easily and then linked to the Ring Connect app to ensure all footage is recorded and then shared for easy access should motorists need it.

Henry Bisson, marketing manager at Ring Automotive, said: “We want to give motorists peace of mind that what can happen in an instant, is captured in that instant and easily shared.

“The new smart range of dash cameras and the Ring Connect app combine to give customers a virtual safety expert in the car as they drive.

“Our dash cams are for everyone as they can be installed easily and linked to smart phones – which is what today’s busy consumers are looking for.”

Back at the start of the year Ring launched its Ring Connect app, a new ‘smart’ way for motorists to take control of their own vehicle safety and efficiency, putting an expert in their back pocket.

After conducting extensive global research over the course of a year with 10 focus groups and more than 4000 hours of development, Ring Automotive recognised a significant shift in consumer behaviour, resulting in demand for instant access to useful and informative car maintenance advice.

The Ring Connect app puts motorists firmly in the driving seat, as it instantly connects to a range of compatible Ring products and provides car maintenance updates and reminders, making it easy for them to care for their vehicle, while improving their safety and driving experience, all at the click of a button.

Users simply need to download, register and link their vehicle to the Ring Connect app in order use all products in the new Smart range.

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