Sykes-Pickavant releases new promotional brochure

More tools and equipment than ever before featured in supplier's seasonal catalogue of new products and offers

Sykes-Pickavant releases new promotional brochure

Sykes-Pickavant celebrates the start of 2020 with a brand new promotional brochure.

Taking centre-spread in the brochure is the new digital pressure gauge kit, available as part number 33100000 for the comprehensive kit and 331000SP for the digital conversion kit.

The digital conversion kit allows the product to be used with a selection of existing Sykes-Pickavant kits whilst the comprehensive kit includes all parts for standalone use.

The digital gauge display is more accurate than an analogue/needle option and makes it easier to see small variations in pressure and vacuum which may not be picked up so easily otherwise.

The kit also allows for selected results to be saved, exported and printed.

Another release is the 69070000 locking lug nut remover kit which takes approximately only 4 – 8 minutes per wheel.

Sykes-Pickavant says it’s the only kit currently on the market to remove all locking lug nuts, even where damaged or broken.

The kit can even tackle newer locking lug nuts with complex designs and harder materials thanks to the ultra-hard drill bits and universal design, even irregular shaped and free turning lug nuts can be removed.

Providing an on vehicle solution for the removal and installation of the rear bearing and wheel hub is the new 08122500 Vito rear gen 2 bearing kit.

Unlike most bearing kits which are only suitable for use on bearings up to 85mm in diameter, this new kit accommodates the larger 92mm bearing, which is required for the Mercedes-Benz Vito.

The process can be completed without the removal of the ABS sensor, saving cost and time.

The kit includes a large finely threaded spindle which eliminates the need for hydraulics whilst helping the bearing alignment for installation.

Another time saving solution debuting in this release is the 09584000 Ford Transit spigot bearing tool for use on 2.2, 2.4 and 3.2l RWD Transits.

The kit allows the seized and damaged bearing to be removed in a confined space where the use of a slide hammer would prove difficult.

The innovative design provides an easier, quicker and safer operation for this common issue.

The new 08799000 SAF pivot bush tool is specifically for use on SAF axle pivot eye bush for “IU” or “IO” IDP intradisc plus and integral axles, reference number 4.177.3028.00.

The 3D bush is an integral component that is pressed into the suspension arm to absorb wheel, side tilt and braking forces for greatly increased handling and stability.

The 08799000 allows for removal and installation of the bush with the aid of an impact wrench and without the need for a separate removal tool.

Approved by Schaeffler is the new 02253000 VW stud torque adaptor.

Suitable for most 1.9 & 2l TDi VAG applications with M8 fine and M8 to M10 coarse stepped studs, the adaptor is designed specifically for steel timing belt tensioner mounting studs which screw into the cylinder head.

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson said: “These studs are prone to seizing due to steel to aluminium corrosion bond which can occur between the stud and cylinder head due to oxidisation.

“When this occurs, the stud proves difficult to remove without the correct tool.

“When replacing the stud it must be torqued to the manufacturers recommended value, failure to do so can result in the stud working loose and releasing the timing belt tensioner or vibrating with the cyclic stress and snapping off.”

New to the transmission jack range is the 38600000 which supports up to 1000kg in weight.

Joining this is the GO101 press frame/C-clamp support which can be used with our 18780500 universal C-clamp amongst other C-clamps and press frames.

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson said:”The support greatly facilitates the positioning of the components’ press frames when replacing bearings, bushings, load-bearing joints, etc. directly on the vehicle.

“It can be adjusted and rotated and press frames can be placed between the jaws.

“The product is compatible with our range of transmission jacks and can also be adapted for use with those of other manufacturers by using the GO102 transmission jack adaptor set.”

The new GO017 wheel bearing set is suitable for use on components with a 60 – 76mm outer diameter and offers precise and safe centering and alignment, where hub and bearing are separate rather than integrated.

The kit is designed for wheel bearing extraction/installation as well as for use on hubs, silent blocks and elastic supports in general and includes a large number of bushings and washers to cover a wide range of models and applications.

Operation can be carried out with the M20 300mm spindle included in the set or with a 17 ton hydraulic cylinder – stroke 43 mm code GO1017 or GO1061 and GO016 M20 500mm spindle.

A Sykes-Pickavant spokesperson said: “We are excited to welcome three new additions to the battery care range; the 899040SP pro charge electronic charger and the 893460SP/ 893490SP pro maintain CPU controlled chargers.

“The 12/ 24V 25A lithium pro charge is suitable for all types of lead batteries Wet, Gel, AGM, MF, VRLA, etc. and features nine charging phases.

“The pro maintain is 12V and available as 60 or 120A, providing universal use for power supply, charging, maintenance and reprogramming vehicles.”

For use with any current diesel engines using threading sizes M8 x 1, M9 x 1, M10 x 1, M10 x 1.25, the GO452 universal glow plug extraction set extracts broken glow plugs stuck in the cylinder head with ease.

The drill is guided precisely into the cylinder head using the glow plug threading; avoiding damage to the cylinder head and the tip is then extracted with the help of the extraction rod and a striking hammer.

Exclusive to the brochure is the ‘torque wrench trade-in’ mega deal which allows customers to trade in their existing torque wrench to receive half price off the professional range of Motorq torque wrenches – mechanics can save up to a huge £138.25.

Select ‘more details’ to download the latest promotional brochure from Sykes-Pickavant or request a printed copy by calling 01543 679900.

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