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Review Textar’s brake fluid tester for GW Views
Textar Brake fluid tester.

Textar’s brake fluid moisture tester provides a quick and accurate test for contamination in the brake fluid, register now for your chance to review it for GW.

Review coverage will appear in GW Views and readers should register their interest by emailing [email protected].

As the car battery heats the brake fluid, the tester will take the temperature, which typically takes around 30 seconds.

Once the test is complete, the operator is left with an accurate brake fluid temperature reading.

A Textar spokesperson told GW: “If brake fluid absorbs moisture the boiling point is lowered, which can result in vapour lock or complete failure of the brakes.

“This simple test can save valuable time while offering a supplementary brake servicing business, with the potential to generate an extra £14,700 of annual profit for an average-sized workshop.

“The process of testing brake fluid is straight forward and exact boiling points can be identified easily using a brake fluid tester.

“Where possible, it is recommended to perform the test in the master cylinder reservoir of the car, by inserting the probe and ensuring its end sits just below the fluid level.

“Before performing the test, the equipment must be connected to the car battery, which is used to heat the brake fluid.”

Review status: Enquiries to review this tool have now closed. Read the product review here.

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