Mechanic jailed for making drug concealments in vehicles

Michael Webb, 49, from Colney Heath, admitted to working on 15 cars

Mechanic jailed for making drug concealments in vehicles
Photo: Hertfordshire Police

A mechanic from Hertfordshire has been jailed for six years for aiding a Watford-based organised crime group (OCG).

Michael Webb, who ran what police describe as a ‘back-street’ garage, used his skills as a mechanic to make elaborate concealments in vehicles, designed to move drugs and cash around undetected by police.

Appearing at St Albans Crown Court, Webb admitted to making concealments in 15 vehicles, which continued until police discovered evidence of a conspiracy to supply significant amounts of cocaine.

He was sentenced to six years for participating in the activities of an OCG and a further three years for being in supply of cocaine. The sentences will run concurrently.

Detective Inspector Grant Finnie said: “This is the latest member of the OCG we investigated as part of Operation Distant, who were running a drug supply network in the Watford area.

“We have successfully dismantled the OCG which was causing so much misery and criminality in that part of the county, jailing more than 21 members, who are now serving a combined 174 years in prison.

“This will send a message to anyone involved not only in drug dealing but also anyone creating the infrastructure that facilitates it, that Hertfordshire is a hostile environment for organised crime groups and they will be pursued relentlessly.

“This conviction for participation in the activities of an organised crime group by making vehicle concealments is the first of its kind in Hertfordshire and no other examples have yet been found across the UK.

“Organised crime groups use violence, supply drugs and commit a whole range of crimes that pose a real threat to the community. Operation Relentless is Hertfordshire Constabulary’s response to this on-going threat.”

Source: Hertfordshire Police

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