Why careful handling of concentric slave cylinders is so important

First Line shines a light on the need for delicate handling during fitment

Why careful handling of concentric slave cylinders is so important

Concentric slave cylinders (CSCs) play a crucial role in the operation of modern automotive clutch systems, so First Line is pointing to the delicacy of the components, urging technicians to take care during fitment.

Acting as a combined clutch slave cylinder and release bearing, the CSC is responsible for releasing and applying pressure to the clutch cover, facilitating the engagement and disengagement of the clutch disc against the flywheel. However, despite their importance, CSCs are often subject to mishandling, leading to premature failures and costly returns.

One of the primary challenges faced with CSCs is their delicate nature, particularly during handling and installation. Mechanics and technicians may inadvertently apply excessive force when manipulating CSCs, causing damage to the internal components and resulting in leaks or failures.

The issue is compounded by the fact that these damages may not be immediately apparent, leading to complications only surfacing after installation.

Kelvin Olds, product director at First Line Ltd. said: “Squeezing or mishandling the part can damage the internal seals, leading to leaks and eventual failure of the CSC. Mechanics must exercise caution when handling CSCs to avoid inadvertently causing damage that could compromise their functionality.

“By exercising care and attention during installation and handling, the risk of damage can be significantly reduced, ensuring the longevity and reliability of the CSC in the clutch system.”

All of First Line’s new CSC references are put through 100,000 cycles on its in-house CSC test rig – the standard measure for original equipment manufacturers – simulating the recommended operating temperatures and ensuring the seals all perform to specification, with the capability to complete pressurised seal testing at 140 degrees.

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