TUNAP DPF cleaning website traffic is on the rise

Continued DPF issues across the country sees website traffic grow

TUNAP DPF cleaning website traffic is on the rise
TUNAP DPF cleaning system sales rise with changes to MOT laws now in full affect.

TUNAP’s DPF Cleaning website with its built-in garage finder is attracting more views each week due to a rise in DPF issues across the UK, the company reports.

The website is designed to help explain the benefits of cleaning a DPF instead of replacing it.

Once drivers have researched the information they can either forward their details to TUNAP who will then respond or, they can simply type their postcode into the garage finder to find a local garage that offers a TUNAP DPF Cleaning Service.

A TUNAP spokesperson said: “The website is growing rapidly, they are getting daily enquiries from customers needing their DPF cleaning.

“TUNAP’s stockists are able to join the dealer finder after they purchase a TUNAP DPF cleaning kit and have received their free training on how to use of the product.

“Along with being added to the dealer finder garages also receive complimentary point of sale, leaflets and any additional training on the product should it be requested.

“Cleaning with the TUNAP DPF Cleaning Kit is an alternative solution to fitting a new DPF.

“The product is the most advanced DPF cleaning system available on the market and is approved by Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Suzuki and several commercial brands as the only recommended fix.

“It is also TUV independently tested and approved and VERT recommended as ‘the best available technology in emission reduction’.”

The system works with all brands of vehicle and used with the DPF in situ.

The cleaning process, which takes around an hour to complete, removes soot and ash deposits from inside the DPF.

GW reader offer

TUNAP is currently offering a special offer to GW readers.

Explaining, the spokesperson added: “If you purchase a TUNAP DPF KIT and quote code GW19 then you will receive 6 x 957 400ml engine flush free of charge.

“After a DPF clean TUNAP recommend an oil change using a premium quality TUNAP 957 flushing agent to ensure that all particulate contaminates are removed following regeneration of the filter, preventing further contamination of the new oil.”

For further information about TUNAP, select ‘more details’ below.

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