Tunap reveals the benefits of specialised manufacturer-approved flushing agent

Vehicle owners warned of the dangers of exceeding service intervals and the benefits of engine flushing

Tunap reveals the benefits of specialised manufacturer-approved flushing agent
Before and after treatment of Tunap's 157 interior engine cleaner.

Tunap is this week promoting the benefits of its specialised manufacturer-approved flushing agent – Tunap 157 interior engine cleaner.

A Tunap spokesperson said: “To prolong the life of the engine the contaminated oil should be fully removed at regular service intervals.

“Modern engines reduce emissions by taking the crank case gases produced by heated components within the engine and recirculate the gases via the exhaust gas recirculation system and exhaust, the gasses pass components such as the EGR Valve, catalytic converter and, in diesels, the diesel particulate filter.

“When you change the engine oil it is impossible to remove all of the old contaminated oil by just allowing the oil to drain out the oil sump, up to +/- 15 per cent of the old oil can remain in the engine.

“The old oil with contaminates clings to the components inside the engine.

“This can result in the remnants of the black and contaminated old oil remaining following the oil change.

“These contaminants can cause piston rings not to work as efficiently allowing the contaminants to circulate past the rings and into the combustion chamber and therefore into the crank case gases.

“When pressure builds in the crank case gasses are released into the air intake, these gases then travel around the engine and exhaust components which then have a detrimental effect on thing such as; EGR valves, EGR coolers, intake valves, injectors, turbo chargers, catalytic convertors and diesel particulate filters.

“This results in increased contamination and a reduction of engine efficiency and performance and will eventually lead to a mechanical failure of the components.”

Tunap warn motorists that problems can occur if engine oil is overused.

Vehicle service schedules ensure that the oil is changed before maximum absorption levels are exceeded.

If these levels are exceeded contaminates start to build up in the engine with what is commonly known as sludge.

Moisture and temperature can also contribute to the build-up of sludge which can lead to more serious issues such as oil starvation by blocking the oil strainer.

How TUNAP 157 interior engine cleaner works

  • TUNAP 157 is formulated from low viscosity detergents and contains no solvents.
  • The product also contains a very strong lubricant that is six times the lubricity of engine oil; this protects the engine whilst the cleaning process takes place.
  • For best effect the old engine oil should be at normal operating temperature. Once this is achieved the TUNAP 157 is applied to the old oil and allowed to idle for up to 20 minutes (care should be taken no to overfill past the maximum dipstick level)
  • During the 20 minutes period, TUNAP 157 mixes and emulsifies contaminates within the old oil.
  • The old oil is then removed and replaced with fresh oil. By using TUNAP 157 virtually all the old oil is removed.

Tunap’s 157 interior engine cleaners works to ensure fresh oil remains free of contaminates.

The TUNAP 157 is the only non-solvent based product that’s manufacturer-approved in the UK and is safe to use on all engines, including those with a wet cam system.

For further information, head to the TUNAP website be clicking ‘more details’ below.

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