JLR turns to secondhand market to ease parts crisis

CEO says the situation is something the company is ‘really unhappy about’

JLR turns to secondhand market to ease parts crisis
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Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has told its dealers to use secondhand parts to shorten the waiting list for new parts and speed up repairs.

An employee at a JLR dealership told Autocar: “JLR has told retailers to source non-genuine parts to get cars fixed and out of their workshops for the last six months.

“One JLR senior manager even suggested we use secondhand parts if necessary, although this was ridiculed by retailers.”

Autocar has evidence of the use of secondhand parts, including the story of one Range Rover Evoque owner, who took her car to the consumer advocacy service, Reject My Car (RMC). An engineer found that it had been fitted with a refurbished engine and turbochargers, had insufficient oil and was showing 23 fault codes.

Ian Ferguson, founder and managing director of RMC, told Autocar: ”In our experience, the number one complained-of brand is JLR, with its failure to fix, due to lack of parts, the number one cause of customer rejections.“

A spokesperson for JLR denied that secondhand parts had been used.

‘Unacceptable’ parts shortage

It emerged last week that JLR workshops are at ‘breaking point’ following a ‘significant parts shortage’, which has led to a shortage of courtesy cars. JLR UK client care director told Car Dealer the shortage is “unacceptable” and warned that the situation is unlikely to improve for at least another six weeks.

It follows JLR’s decision to downsize its UK parts supply network from 18 warehouses to one ‘super-centre’ in Leicestershire.

In an interview with Autocar, JLR CEO Adrian Mardell said: “It was a planned transition but the transition is taking longer than we would originally have planned.

“Just to be clear, that’s something that nobody wished for, and that’s something that, as an organisation with our partner [Unipart Logistics] we’re working with here, we obviously have responsibility for the change.

“To be very, very clear, this is something we are really unhappy about, and just like the challenges with vehicles being stolen, this is something right at the top of this organisation, and right at the top of our partner organisation as well.”

Mardell apologised for the situation and acknowledged that 10,000 JLR vehicles were off the road awaiting parts. The figure was now below 5,000, he said.

Source: Autocar


  1. So ironic how Oem’s lecture about using quality genuine parts then resort to using second hand bits from anywere or even fake items.? I bet JLR dealer are setill charging 150 quid and hour plus VAT to fit these parts

  2. If you are going to be, very, very clear about how unhappy you are, that makes it all better?

  3. Branded motor factor parts would be better than second hand, especially as they are warranted, but it looks like JLR just want cheap parts, not an approved source. Using Unipart Logistics is probably their biggest problem though.

  4. They probably stealing the cars for the parts😂


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