Mechanic faces jail after ‘vendetta’ against former boss

Adrian Ling caused up to £300,000 of damage

Mechanic faces jail after ‘vendetta’ against former boss
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A mechanic has been found guilty after he waged a ‘vendetta’ against his former employer after he was fired for allegedly stealing diesel.

Adrian Ling is alleged to have caused £300,000 of damage as he targeted vehicles owned by the Suffolk-based Goldline Travel. Ling, along with an accomplice, Daniel Garrison, now face a jail sentence following a two-month trial.

Coaches and taxis owned by Goldline Travel were regularly vandalised, including one incident in which vehicles were shot at with an air rifle while passengers were inside. On another occasion, Ling is accused of head-butting Goldline Travel’s owner, Ian Trussler, at a supermarket.

Ling started working at the private hire firm in 2008 but was sacked in 2012 after he was accused of stealing diesel. A conviction for the offence was subsequently overturned on appeal.

Prosecutor Andrew Thompson told Ipswich Crown Court: “It is clear that he was very angry about being sacked and it’s the prosecution case that he has harboured a significant personal grudge against Ian Trussler and Goldline and has carried out a sustained vendetta against them.”

On one occasion, Goldline Travel faced a £40,000 bill after three coaches were damaged in one night. This was just one of 92 incidents of criminal damage between 2012 and 2019.

Ling and Garrison will be sentenced in January.

Source: Eastern Daily Press

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