Unilite aims to make all packaging 100 per cent recyclable

Lighting supplier wants to shift to at least 90 per cent cardboard packaging in three years

Unilite aims to make all packaging 100 per cent recyclable
Unilite is proposing a new era of social responsibility with its latest range.

Unilite, a global lighting manufacturer and supplier for independents, has confirmed it intends to make all its packaging from 100 per cent recyclable materials.

In order to deliver this, consultations are being made by the company with packaging suppliers, and they are seeking a number of viable alternatives to these needs, with only sustainable solutions being considered.

Within the next few years, all packaging is being changed to at least 90 per cent cardboard, with a shift towards a more environmentally friendly solution.

Unilite has said that plastic in oceans is becoming a major environmental issue.

Issue could threaten millions

A company spokesman said: “It’s become so much of an issue that the governments of the world are coming together with a unilateral agreement that action must be taken to tackle this problem.

“The damage that this scourge caused went unnoticed for many years, with the gaze of environmental concerns placed on the then more pressing issue of the time, including climate change.

“However, as research has proven, this issue is becoming a major blight for all of society and could threaten the livelihoods of millions of people, as well as of course the untold damage done to marine wildlife and the destruction of ecosystems.”

“Unilite understands the need to do their bit and, in response, are taking matters into their own hands by moving to more responsible packaging.”

Research conducted by plasticoceans.org states that more than 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans, with over 90 per cent of all seabirds having plastic found in their stomachs.

The spokesperson continued: “Unilite may not be one of the main contributors to plastic waste but are nevertheless making an effort to reduce their individual impact.

Unilite aims for 100 per cent recyclable

“The company’s aim is simple; to move to 100 per cent recyclable materials for all product packaging.

“We can all make an effort to use less plastic in our lives, with a due diligence towards responsibility and sustainability.

“Unilite is certainly taking this on board and are striving to be at the forefront of developing environmentally friendly packaging over the next few years.

“If everyone does their bit, then together we can create and sustain a healthier ocean for everyone to enjoy and use.”

For more information on the effects of plastic in the ocean, click here.

Unilite is a global manufacturer and supplier of flashlights and the wider illumination market.

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