Video: borescope footage captures carbon removal process

GWTV tests BG Products air intake service and pressurised oil change and reports back with a positive improvement

Video: borescope footage captures carbon removal process
Rob Jack, owner of Springbok Garage in Chesterfield.

GW’s Mike Ruff visited Springbok Garage in Chesterfield to test out BG’s air intake service, fuel injector cleaner and pressurised oil change equipment on a Volvo C30 1.8 petrol.

The air intake service is formulated to remove deposits that accumulate in the air throttle body assemblies and plenums.

Paul Dobbyn, director of BG Products who was on hand, said noxious exhaust gases are fed back into the air intake system, leaving a build-up of deposit which can reduce air flow and disrupt the air/fuel ratio.

Next job was to put the BG fuel system cleaner into the fuel tank where it would get to work cleaning the fuel injectors, valves, O2 sensors and the combustion chamber.

BG engine performance restoration then went into the engine and we left to run for about 15 minutes while the treatment removed deposit build-up, which can impede normal piston-ring function.

We then drained the oil and connected BG’s pressurised oil changer to thoroughly flush all of the remaining contaminated oil out before replacing it with new oil and BG’s engine oil supplement to prevent oil oxidation and thickening.

This extracted article first featured in Garage Wire Views, click here to continue reading and find out the results of the service.

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