UK millennials lack basic motor knowledge, study shows

Despite confidence in car repairs younger generation exhibited lack of competence in recent study

UK millennials lack basic motor knowledge, study shows
Researchers found that drivers under 35 had little basic car maintenance knowledge. Image: Bigstock.

According to a poll of over 2,000 British motorists, just 27 per cent of 18 to 23-year-olds can change a tyre and over a third of millenials would struggle to even open the bonnets of their cars.

A further 34 per cent had no idea what power steering does and only half of the under 35s know how to check and top up the oil level on their car, reports The Sun.

Unsurprisingly from these figures, 63 per cent of millenials have therefore never tried to fix, repair or modify a car they have bought.

Gus Gregory, host of TV show Flipping Bangers which ran the poll, commented: “Most people get into their cars, turn the key and drive away, without really knowing anything about the reasons why something goes wrong when it does.

“Under-35s least equipped”

“It seems under-35s are the least equipped to deal with basic issues and repairs such as changing a tyre or replacing a windscreen blade.

“We think it’s a good idea for everyone, no matter what age, to learn the basic and normally most vital principles of car maintenance.

“As seen in our show, Flipping Bangers, even some of the simplest mechanical knowledge can turn an old and rusty banger into a beautiful and iconic car.”

Shockingly, more than 10 per cent of the under-35s surveryed believed that power steering is designed to help the car brake and that the same amount had no idea that ABS stands for “anti-lock braking system”.

Ironically, more younger people rated their general knowledge of car parts and maintenance as “excellent” despite the evidence from the survey where 40 per cent would struggle to know how to top-up their levels of screen-wash.

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    jim walker

    You don’t say! lets be truthful if it cant be done on their phone they ain’t got a clue. It must be time the driving test included a practical test of the safety basics such as, checking tyres, topping up washers, replacing wipers, checking and changing bulbs. its not exactly rocket science.

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    Richard Bruce

    Yes I do agree with Jim, however have we not got ourselves to blame. for example, it seems to be the trend that all teenagers go out and buy brand new cars, the new cars do not have spare wheels!!! they have tyre pressure systems so they think it only need air in tyres when warning light comes. same with oil , coolant and screen wash. it all soon won’t be a problem as we won’t be able to move on the roads due to be overcrowded.

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    jim walker

    I agree with Richard to some extent, however if teenagers don’t know how to check the basic safety items then it follows that they don’t know the consequences of not checking them and the potential danger to others they may cause. further to this it follows that they don’t also understand that the car is a dangerous pice of equipment and can have catastrophic consequences if used or maintained incorrectly. lets not beat about the bushes, driving licences should only be issued to those over 21 years of age or issued in power categories similar to licenses for motorcycles, more controversially I BELIEVE THAT EVERYBODY SHOULD UNDER GO 10 YEARLY ASSESSMENTS TO CONTINUE TO DRIVE. Driving is a skill or profession what other skill or profession does not require continued and accessed development

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    Steph Savill

    Oh that this was just a Millennial issue. First time MOT failures re dangerous tyres for example. Too easy to blame first time young drivers. Too many motorists of all ages treat cars like white goods. If it breaks, get a new one – not thinking about road safety implications. A staggering number of us drive without breakdown cover too.

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