Save over £1,000 Carbon Clean’s DPF cleaning machine

Discount and free Pro-Clean Treatment packs available throughout April

Save over £1,000 Carbon Clean’s DPF cleaning machine

Carbon Clean is this month promoting a limited time deal on its DCS-17 DPF cleaning machine.

Using Carbon Clean’s Pro-Clean Treatment in conjunction with the DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine will result in a deep, powerful service as the Pro-Clean Treatment helps to maximize the results of a DPF clean.

Normally £8,995 + VAT, Carbon Clean’s DCS-17 DPF cleaning machine is now just £7,995 +VAT throughout April. Plus, get five Pro-Clean Treatment packs for free, worth £145.

Carbon Clean suggest using the DPF Power Cleaner before performing the DPF clean with their DCS-17 DPF Cleaning Machine to soften the carbon deposits.

Then perform the DPF clean using their state-of-the-art DCS-17 Machine and then finish off by using their DPF Power Protect, a unique treatment designed to prevent carbon from building up so fast in the future.
Offer only available whilst stock lasts.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easy work-bed design
  • Auxiliary parts included
  • Can handle euro 5 and 6 vehicle DPF’s
  • In situ clean and dry function
  • Multi-direction DPF positions, to clean deeper
  • Pressure display
  • Can remove up to 100 per cent of carbon, soot & ash built up in DPF’s
  • Automatic set and forget function
  • Accommodates mostly all types of DPF’s

For further information, call 0203 507 0175, email or select ‘more details’ below.

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