Free £50 M&S voucher with Brain Bee vehicle sanitising system from Hickleys

Natural disinfectant sanitises air and water as well as hard and soft surfaces

Free £50 M&S voucher with Brain Bee vehicle sanitising system from Hickleys

Hickleys is this month offering a £50 M&S voucher for garages purchasing a Brain Bee 03-NEX vehicle sanitiser.

The machine uses ozone, a natural gas widely used in sanitary facilities due to its ability to oxidise and disrupt the molecular structure of bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Recognised as a natural disinfectant, the ozone offers a wide range of applications: its sanitizing action can be applied to air, water, surfaces and fabrics.

O3-NEX offers an intelligent procedure for consistent results, as the sanitising process is entirely guided by the special software: through the sensor, it analyses the concentration rate of the gas fed into the vehicle interior until the ideal threshold is reached, maintaining its level throughout the time needed for sterilisation to be achieved, through a specific strategy based on the type of vehicle and its inner condition.

The system also eliminates bad odour caused by bacteria, fungi and moulds lurking in the vehicle interior.

Get a £50 M&S voucher with the Brain Bee 03-NEX vehicle sanitiser from Hickleys for just for £545 + VAT.

For further information, call 01823 328531 or select ‘more details’ below.

Valid : Ends 31 July 2020

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